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Friday, August 27, 2010



If I didn't tell you about the two other young Meyer men aboard the ship Frisia who docked April 8, 1884 in New York along with William Meyers' family, then I should. I have been obsessed with wondering, if one of them could have been Grandpa Willie's unfounded brother, Maybe the Herrman age eighteen or Heinrich age seventeen could have been that brother that went to Oregon. I have even tried to find them on the census just to see where they went. You never know, we might just find them yet. We have one more clue that might help; if I am still so obsessed TO FIND the families.

As my mother would say 'That puts me in the mind of' the time that I used to shop after confirmation classes on Saturday mornings. I had a half an hour to kill before I was to sit in the car and wait for my neighbor [Boitnot], along with her son [who was extremely handsome by the way] to finish work, so I could ride home with them. I would spend the time browsing Magazines or once in awhile, I would look at clothes. One particular time, I found a pretty dress that was extremely reduced in price. Each week, I would check to see if it was still there. I thought if it was gone, I would be devastated. I was obsessed. All I thought of was me buying that dress. And my having it. For some reason I didn't buy it right away for what ever reason after weeks and weeks of obsessing over that dress, One day I tried it on, took time to decide and then; I didn't want it after all. I kept that money in my pocket and went home. Thinking back on it over the years, I can tell my self proudly that I did the right thing, cause that dress was so gad awfully ugly, and wrong for me.
Well that is how it was for me to know about the Herr[m] age 18 because Hamburg passenger list says he was from Gross Wohrdan [Gross Wöhrden ??] He was not listed with the Wilhelm Meyer family.

And Heinrich Meyer age 18 was listed from Berlin. He was possibly acquainted with the two others in line with him from Berlin. If you click others in the family on the line in the box provided by the Wilhelm Meyer family does not come up.

Both young men are on their own pages, not far from each other and Wilhelm. It is extremely difficult to know which is Herr[m]. and which is Heinr. by the writing.

At One time, one of them was age seventeen and the other was eighteen. it looks like there has been a strike out at the age. Herrman was a tailor and Heinrich was a laborer. Now for years I have been mixing the ages and the occupation between them. I didn't know which, until I would come back to the source and look. But now I can't. However to know who / which was the tailor, all I would have to do is check castle garden and check at ancestry for an old post of mine.

You can see the pages of the lists are shortened. Am I wrong in thinking it was a whole page before, or was it only the older versions a whole page, which are not indexed yet. or maybe just the lists in bands offered by Ancestry where one must go through ship after ship. I sure hope when they transcribe and index the older years they do not shorten it to save space.

Okay, I shouldn't still have a obsession to know more about the two men, because I know they are from some other areas of Hannover. As Dad had said once long ago, they were not theirs. I thought still in my obsessed way, that he only said that because maybe the family were not recognizing the remarriage of Friedrich Meyer. [If he did remarry] I can now let it go. Will I.
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  1. Ahh, and we are somewhat funny with our obsessions. And now the the real question is WHEN?

  2. Yes, who are we kidding here, you know I will, just as you say, I am wondering when. but still extremely glad the mystery is solved for what it is. In the back of my mind, I am wondering if any relatives could have moved there. lol

  3. One good thing about a genealogy obsession - it keeps us out of REAL trouble. :)

  4. Karen, your comment makes me wonder if you have been into trouble? I shall be over soon to check on you. lol

  5. Oksy Steve, I did, Just so you know that 'the old geezer' [ i love being able to say that] followed me at arootdiggers sunnyside, which is at the right under my own blog list.



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