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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Herman and Little Herman Meyer

At the Sunny slope about 1948 or later.
Here we have Herman Henry [Heinrich Friedrich Herman Meyer] and Little Herman William 1 Meyer holding the prized corn ear. It may have been a winner at the fair. Sometimes there were blue ribbons, and other times red ribbons.

Little Herman was called Sonny. I am sure his grandfather and his father Dwight had thought he might some day follow in their footsteps to be a farmer. When your young it is a nice thought and the older folks if they thoroughly love their occupation think the same. However Dwight had gnawing anxiety over farming. Without a huge savings to fall back on, there was worry over it due to major expenses. Maybe if there had not been a house fire, it may have been better for them starting out. He had enough so that he did not want his youngest son to take the occupation up.

But it was probably the occupation the younger son would have wanted. Had he done so, it is hard to say, if he would have loved it too. Often times it helps if the wife works outside the home and farm for a bit more security. I wished the younger son Steven could have had his wish. I wonder what he would say?

A genealogy note: I read recently at a posting at the Tosterglope page that corn was not introduced there until early 1900's.* 2 I found that so surprising. I had taken the crop for granted for the farmers.

borrowed from sunnyslope farm
2.. [still coming]

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