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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When I Say I Found New Relation....

When I say
" I found New Relation" triumphantly to my husband in my sing songy happy kind of voice. [After all I have to say ( share ) it to someone, that's what husbands are for, aren't they?]

He usually makes the same remark back. "Oh your related to everyone!. "
[He has no clue. At least I don't think he does].

I say back " Your right". [ ahh Cause why not give him a free one. ]
Cause we are.

We just have to prove them.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did you know Sylvia Peters Meyer; Grandma Meyer

Sylvia Gudrun Peters born September 26, 1919. She lived in Yankton, S.D. while small. Photo above Dewey is her as a small twin infant. Sylvia holding Sissy and Dwight holding Sonny - Steven is still only a twinkle in Dewys eyes. [It's hard to bring her into good focus.]
She was proud of her Phlox. This is not hers , but like hers.
She had a whole wall of Dishes in her Kitchnette. These are not hers but she had one similar. Hers were more of social based collection. Plates were given to her representing different special states by friends and relatives, and so she tried to get every state.

The Lodes family, Sylvia 's mother descended from the Anthony on the far right.

I can not help myself. A little tribute towards her must be done today.

In getting ready for the post, I kept saying, I have said a lot already each year, what else should I say. Then I asked myself, what do I think of when I think of my mother. Of course in a persons life time there are may things that one thinks of when one thinks of her. Her role as a mother, wife, and neighbor, relative and friend. Manager or delegator, House keeper, gardner, crafter [ holiday decorating, rugs, quilts, embroidery], decorator, collector, cook, farmworker, butcher, baker are only some things I think of at the moment.

Ah, yes baking. she was not like gramma Josie Lodes Peters. I believe she looks a lit like her mother.

who had a specialty in sweet rolls, but she could turn out many good cookies, breads, puddings, and cakes. I think baking and decorating cakes was a small joy in her life. And she took a small delight in briging them to someone to make their day special.

I remember one time she took a nice large double layer cake to Chuck Johnson's birthday party being held at his grandparents around the corner from her farm. He was away from his home of the northern mining region of Minnesota so his mom probably didn't feel she was able to whip one up as Sylvia would be able to do. I am sure it was no surprise that Sylvia brought the cake. I don't remember too much about the event myself, cause I was just a little kid playing with the others even though the Older Johnson boys made an impression on me.

And they were thoughtful boys. When news reached those in northern Minnesota about moms failing health, Chuck took the time to write and expressed his thankful moments he felt about the day Sylvia baked him a cake and brought it on his birthday.It evidently touched him as a thoughtful thing for her to do. I remember reading that and it touched me too as I remember the thoughtful person I had always thought he was.

I am sure there were many things that she gave her free time to in helping those she knew in their time of need. She gave away produce of the farm all the time. She had people out for Sunday dinner around the big round table in her dining room. She made quilts from scraps and gave them as gifts to some of the other Johnsons. Just as some of your grandmothers made afghans and gave them as wedding gifts, etc.

A short little recall of a scene I witnessed comes to mind.
I recall the cakes she baked and would take to any event. She enjoyed decorating it within her means. sometimes she would make the Butter cream frosting which I loved. But she loved to make her seven Minute frosting the most. I always liked to lick the beaters and scrapers before I washed them if no one beat me to it. She would use those hard candy letters to spell out what ever she wanted. Those came in kits at the grocery store. But well they were just plain sweet. I didn't care that much for them. it was the cake with frosting that I was after.

When she was out doing chores I would cut a slim layer all the way across the cake and thus have my cake unnoticed. I am sure she knew somehow. It was not always easy of a task to accomplish at times, because she would scoot around the yard pretty fast. Just as I was popping in a bite to my mouth, there she was coming in the door.

For some reason over the years we noticed that the frosting was growing harder after a few hours. Had she altered it? Had she forgotten something. I guess it was because other peoples were still soft and hers was still hard. So at gatherings they chose the other persons cake to eat.

Mom would be bringing left over cake home. Well sometimes it was barely touched cake. My cousins all agreed with me it was the crusty like frosting that we didn't care for anymore.

Well, we did learn the reason other peoples were not as hard from my mothers mother who was doing one of her occasional visits from California. Her mother would make the rounds to all her children and relatives who offered her a chance to stay with them.

I am not sure how the conversation erupted, or much more than those moments when one senses things have gone awry. In those moments I paid attention and at this moment I heard my grandmother tell my mom that the other ladies adjust the frosting to the new way or method. I think she offered to show mom. I know she told her what they do. But for some reason, I think my mom chose not to do the change. I notice people still make something called similar to the old seven minute frosting.

I Kind of wish she would have had the same ambition with the cooked chocolate frosting. She told me why, but I don't remember her reason for not making it. Maybe I can get it under the belt before my next birthday for a double frosted layers of chocolate cake.
Anyway, today I want to remind you about the blog on the Peters and Lodes family coming up soon. Different Perspectives.
Check back if you like for the location after I have edited in the location. ; )

Sorry, I kind of hurried this one.
just me jo a rootdigger

Note : When you follow the link to Sylvia's dining room you see in the photo a large oval picture, which has too much glare. but it was a photo of her and her twin Sybella at infant stage. Her twin died not long after the photo. In later years there was a clock there. No matter there or even in the corner cabinet window; she kept a few penny photos tucked in the frames. They were photographs of her and her husband Dewey, probably taken when they were first married. I was the little Sissy in her Arms.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Genea blogger Ancestor Approval Award

The Genea Blogger Ancestor Approved Award is being Retired at my blog. She will hang at the side. It has reached so many deserving bloggers, and I know it has missed quite a few because of a matter of timing. But for many said reasons at other times, I just am going to put the little lady to the side and leave her there.

In the future I am sure there will probably be so many other great awards that go out to those deserving bloggers that I am missing and wanted to honor this time.

It's a tricky thing these awards. I know I actually gave some that were not acknowledged maybe due to lost messages, being ignored, or what ever. I don't wish to offend anyone by dropping this now or by bringing the little lady out again. But I think in my case, it is time she takes a rest.

Sure I thought of the acquired, required that accompanies the award of ten more surprising , humbling things, probably mentioned ten times as it is on the blog or will be now in the future. But that is minor.

Instead, after a little thought, I have
decided to let my recognition of deserving bloggers show through Follow Friday. If they are already on the Follow Friday list, I will recognize them in my own way. I am going to do it in the accepted correct way of course. I originally thought it meant it was our for reading our blogs that we follow. I had reluctantly not wanted to do the follow Friday, at first from my own ignorance as to what it was and how it was done. I later read what it really was and then out of fear of offending anyone, I decided not to. I am confident now though, it will be okay.

I 've noticed that other bloggers
have added the names of their presenters next to their Ancestor Award picture, which I am going to do soon as well. If I forget to add yours, or if I am too slow in getting it there, can you remind me you gave me one please.
[ I feel so terribly unorganized this summer with all the shifting, and less attention I paid to blogging this summer] [ I have much to do in that line of duty to my house, still.]

I can't promise faithful posting every
Friday, but occasional Fridays should be fine. And bear with me please as I get the hang of it.
Thanks for understanding.
just me jo

Monday, September 13, 2010

Can You Help With My Dilemma over the Ancestor Approval Award. Presentation

Here's the thing. I have been given the Ancestery Approval award which has been around several times to those bloggers I know. I presented two and selected bloggers to present it too. . Since it has been around to many more than once, should I present it again. Many of you are known to some newer bloggers, and may receive it again and it will start again. [I had a hard time last time finding some who had not had it before.] idon'tmind finding the bloggers.

But do you, because it will probably round about again to you all.

Tell me please what you think? I really could use your help with this dilemma.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Out on a limb.

I have been kind of out on a limb like this lately. I can't tell you about it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Genealogy Story of a Hunt for Göhrde Info..- and Meyer and Behrens

Source : Jagd.pdf

I am sure that I have shared this story before, but just in case I did not, I'd like to give it this slant.

One more word about the last post and the pictures supplied and the link I gave. I did borrow it from Mr Hoffman whom I met on line a few years ago. I wrote in English and he wrote in German. I used the translator to understand what he had to say.

He is a retired
NATO member. He said and I could see that he was proud that he had much to do with doing away with the weapons of their country. Being as smart and educated as he is, he had a good command of English. I admit my ignorance of NATO and what it is about. I found him online possibly because of the German word deer and forest. I struck up conversation with him about hunting and the G
öhrde forest. I was hoping to learn more about what could be at Oldendorf and the Göhrde in relation to the game hunting reserve there. I hoped to learn more and possibly eventually learn more about Hunting at Röthen. Even though he was into hunting, he couldn't tell me a whole lot, because he came from another area of the country. It wasn't as if he grew up there and heard many stories. Though I am sure if he attends local events, or hunts with locals, maybe some oldtimers may have told him a story or two.

I was impressed with his love of the adventure of hunting as he told me he was leaving soon to go Boar hunting in Czechoslovakia. It seems to me that he would be the most wonderful person that I would want in my company were I to hunt the edges of the great forests. [ If I were to visit Germany someday, his cabins is where I might want to stay a few nights.]

So relatives if your ever in the idea of hunting in Germany, especially in the area of our ancestors where they wandered these forests, you should consider staying at his lodgings Göhrdehof. He has more on it if you follow the link. Please do check it out.

I had noticed that his address said Neetzendorf and I was trying to get and idea of size and lay of the land. I asked him about Behrens and the Meyer family there. He said his daughter lives in USA out west. And after a little further writing on my part, he said if I faxed him a tree, he would give it to the MEYER and the BEHRENS since they were only a couple Yards from him. [ I still wonder what he meant by Yards. I think it must mean as we do in the city. It must mean someone is two houses over to their yard.]

I was curious whose home he took over, and he said it was his wifes Bergmann family, whom have lived there for a long time. Her name was BERGMANN. and Yes readers I have seen the name many a document including one of my own. And did I reveal that, your thinking it right, of course I did! I intend to write to her again later, when I have compiled Bergman Information.

Now to get on with it.
I or We only corresponded with the one of the two Herman Behrens family in Neetzendorf. The Behrens family responded that they didn't know? I later sent them a whole bundle of document copies. [I was hoping the two were related to each other and would share it. I regret not sending to both Behrens.] And the Meyer family at Neetzendorf said that they did not know either. That the keeper of their ancestor information was a Werner SCHUHE. and that most of the names always had the name with Heinrich. Our seem to as well. It was hard to tell with some of them, cause I only had two names to work with. Johan Juergen Meyer- Heinrich Christoph Meyer's son.

You have to remember that according to the church documents, [ which is all I have to work with,] the Juergen Friedrich Meyer (geb. 1814) must have moved to Eichdorf to marry Cathrina Margarethea Luhmann. I think the mother or father may have followed him at different times. His other brother had gone to Himbergen [county] Uelzen, married, had children and died there. The youngest surviving other brothers where abouts and family is uknown to me.

So now you see why I have a special place in my heart for the kind Mr. Hoffmann of Neetzendorf, who owns a little hunting / lodging business in the home area of our Ancestors.

Note: I did try to find '
Werner Schuhe'. it is not so easy to find a Werner Schuhe with Schuhe standing for shoe. I should mention though that our M& M in Fairmont did say we had the familien name Shoe in the family.

Note: You know I suspect that our M & M in Fairmont may have read some of the German books of the area including those in old script. He may have read Charlotte Wodaege's book on Dahlenburg or he even may have had a copy of Heinrich Borstelmann's book about the inhabitants of the villages of Bleckede, which is to be my next post.

At my next posts you will be surprised to see how often the name Bergman and other familiar surnames come up and then too the village Neetzendorf.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Labor, Labor Day - Beruf - Occupation- Genealogy of my Oldendorf und Roethen Family

Source : Jagd.pdf
Has this image on their website above. I am borrowing it. They have no affiliation with my page.
See a nice post about Hoffman next post.

From the information that I have gathered, this gentelman's [in the photo] uniform is like the uniform that those who worked on the hunt would wear. A gray uniform, a green shirt and the hat,boots. [ It Kind of makes me think of Robin Hood with out the tights. Many drawings I have seen show the pipe. lol]]
You can see the men below wearing the same garb.

What is your occupation? What was your / our ancestors Occupation?
Is it the same as yours perhaps in the paternal line. Does it matter?

Yes, I think it matters, at least it did for me in my search for information on this Meyer family. Actually, I was ignoring the beruf information too long.
The information on the two generations of Meyer being a shepherd [occupation] was a clue I shouldn't have ignored. I knew that Meyer as an occupation was a sort of a farmer or manager of a farm. Often they owned a farm. For some Meyers the occupation of farming the land is sometime passed down to the eldest son when he married and if landowners, he received the land.

The eldest known Meyer son in my case was Wilhelm, who came straight to farming in America after spending all his time in the military in Germany. Unlike his younger brother who avoided the military and went first to America to do labor and later to having his own land [ Long story on that, don't ask me. lol] I think Fred or Fritz also was a carpenter.

The shepherd Meyer at Radenbeck.
Somehow at some point, maybe due to the eldest inheriting, the younger Heinrich Christ. Meyer or his predecessor wandered off to other occupations that they could manage to obtain, which seems to be a schaefer ] cows or sheep?, I am not sure if it designates which] Shepherd in my ancestors case. The rule is A shepherd's son is suppose to marry other shepherds daughters. You stay in your own class or guild. How come they broke the rules?

Johann Juergen married the second born Daughter of a landowner Behrens. Did he become a Hausler in this married state, or did he stay a Shepherd. His son Juergen Friedrich Meyer moved the Meyer up the status ladder to became a hausler, because he married the landlord Luhmann's third or fourth born daughter at Eichdorf.

For some reason Friedrich was able to become a landowner in Oldendorf in 1845. What a step up for him that maybe was not an opportunity for his predecessors. Our Meyer book mostly said simply that he worked as a park warden at the game preserve for Kaiser Wilhelm at Oldendorf at a game reserve [ Roethen]. [I have to assume it is the first one.]

The exact location of Friedrich's home in Oldendorf or Roethen is unknown. Usually the people lived in the village and went outside the village to take care of their land. I am not sure if that is what he did or if the land was just something that he had a home on.

Would he ride or walk to his work at Roethen.

His occupation at the Hunting Kamp Roethen.
You can read more about a simple explanation of the Gohrde hunting place here.

He may have had to herd deer to the tower areas so the royal members could hunt. Perhaps make sure there was no poaching.

I understand a little more now, that he was not the only person who worked in the Goehrde forest at a game preserve. Their were many in the local
Force there directly concerned with the Göhrde and that only the offices were Lüchow, Wustro, Dannenberg, Hitzacker, Bleckede, and (up to the dissolution) Garze simply because they lived in the area. The local citizens were not paid to do this.

You can read more here where I tried to translate some information about that. At least you can get the gist of it. [ I did a poor job at it.] Perhaps more of an explanation can be found on line.
Other relatives of mine were shepherds and another one was a peddler. Often it simply said laborer. So one has to guess what they must have done. And one has no idea who the person labored for. But often we know where they worked.

You may have read this before in my blog posts you found in my archives. If not, it is nice that you can read it differently here. I particularly had a motivation, a silly motivation / reason to bring it up. The silly reason of course is that Labor day is Monday.

In conclusion to my meandering today about my laboring Meyers occupations , his beruf, I want to wish you a nice Labor day weekend.

For more Reading on Hunting and the Goehrde :


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