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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Last Post about the Jesse James Gang in Minnesota with a Website to share

While doing my last post about Madelia and the Jesse James Gang members capture and the robbery ot the First national Bank at Northfield' I found and grew to admire this website by "death2urproductions LLc"idabout the Jesse James Gang members. It mentions details worthy of a Genealogist and well done as a historian. He has pictures and tombstones among other good resources donating to the truth.

Not only detail on those who were in the Robbery of the First National Bank at Northfield and the details of activity near Madelia, but he has other noted famous names here which could come in handy some day while your researching or writing.

You can read "about us" to learn more of the creators.

I hope you take time to check it out. See you later.

jo arootdigger

Website :

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  1. I would think they would have to do research somewhere to learn where to look for these tombstones.
    Browsing their site, I began to wonder who pays for the tombstones of the famous gangsters. Family who have to claim their black sheep member in the end?. Looking at Dellinger grave site, I noticed he had a nice tombstone.



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