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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not a good thing, -- Looking for copyrighting.

I don't believe the discovery of Website Description "Every Website Matters" is a good thing. It has my latest post there, and I am sure my last one will be noticed.?? This makes me very uncomfortable! His is copyrighted!

However, the good thing is that the comment about how many ranks and views our blogs get is exciting; because it means we google Bloggers get our information out there to those of our relatives in the dark about our families histories, and thus might find us.

At the top at the right it says to leave comments about the website with my name. And I did try, but so far I have not gotten through. Then at the bottom of the page it offers a script to embed in a persons blog which more or less says this, cause i changed it a bit:

Let akiui Others nkjhghjk Know:

To link to gtyhujiklkj this page from your site yghjikol please copy lkjh and paste the hjk code below to your poijhgfjkllkjhg homepage to which I now have added abc code to break it:

The above kljhgftyui will display as the iujhgfghjkaddress in the blog with mine:
[And again it uses mine with its name.]

Then it has a little bubble at top right about Bulk submissions .cum about
directories. Which is probably not a good thing? Money is mentioned there and many websites.
I do tend to have to many cached posts. I hope to be more careful. Evidently people can hijack them somehow. I would like to know how.

I think this means I should contact google adsense. I should seriously find some kind of copyrighting. I am considering free services if there is such a thing. I am going to check Cindies list first.

But I will take any suggestions you have. I am uncomfortable that they urge others to use that small script embed in their blogs or pages.??

I have my information output for my relatives. Most people are free to follow me.

I made a comment on a few blogs who were on the descriptions. I had hoped to see what they know about them. Randy Seaver from Genea - Musings was kind enough to get on his white knight horse to respond to a lady in distress. He more or less said there was nothing to worry about as far as their doing the descriptions of our blog. I think what he said was that a good part of it in my case is rating Just as they did with rootsweb and ancestry.[ One belongs with the other].


  1. There's information on copyrighting your content
    over at the Geneablogger's blog. Check out this link:

  2. Thanks Dr. Bill I will look there first. I should make more time to read there because they have a lot of useful information.

  3. Hi, I am a newbie to blogging, so I am sure your other viewers know much more than I. But being a newbie I went for "understandable to me" and found two sites really helpful (lots of explanation as well as a way of copyrighting). Both formally give you a copyright and a widget to post that you are copyrighted.

    The first is Creative Commons at which is a "looser" copyright, if you will.

    The second sends you a "finger print" when you change your blog that is proof of copyright. It is free and is at



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