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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Genealogy Blog Traffic -- Website Description Added Their Address Next To Mine

Over New Years getting ready to post, I happened to see something that caught my attention. So I browsed the Internet to see what I could find under my code name "A rootdigger". It was an interesting search. I discovered several things.
I learned a few things.
- I still don't understand why some blogs stand out and others don't.
- I am not sure if I should even post their name, but then how would I inform you.

I found that I had been on Follow Friday at Apples blog on Dec. fourth. Had I been current, and a dutiful little follower, I would have seen it. Unless I just forgot. But I had not read much for a greater part of December. I usually did that on Fridays. But my days off were few and if I had one they were so scattered and had to be used to get ready for the holidays. I did get caught up in doing a similar to GeneaBloggers Christmas advent Calender posting at my blogpot. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it.

- I certainly learned I must be current with reading.
- Once reading I thought I saw something that said I was tagged for a Blog approval award, but I asked, and no reply, so not sure, I left it. [ I'll look again later]. If you know anything about it please tell me.'
-This year I do plan to do my Follow on Friday. But that means I will have to do my reading sooner.

WEll what else did you see, you ask.
It is a bit of a puzzle to me. as to what I saw in Website description and what it means. Here is the address they used.

First off, I should say that I have discovered that my blog is not the only one they have used online, you will have to see yourself, if they have used yours. I just don't remember which ones I saw. They use your blog website Ip address, and they claim to know your rank, your link or back link history. They list about ten or more of your blog links. Such as when we comment on each others blogs. Etc. They also say what my blog could be worth. but do not claim that to be, so if I were to sell it. My husband think they meant google blogspot and not necessarily mine.. However, everyone blog name is told different ranks and linking

They make reference to Alexa and Whois places for their information..
-I wanted to learn more about information put out reviewing my blog, wouldn't you yours?
-So far with the browsing, I have done, I haven't found the location of their source. Even at the Alexa or Whois sights I failed to find a route to my blog information. I suppose I could ask them.

It Gives google orange blog symbol first. It uses my address blogspot address right next to theirs. It says this":
Let's start with the basic details for this domain, which is located at with hostname. The site is described as: A useful resource to visit. There are plenty of terms associated with this site . Alexa ranks it among 8 top sites in the world.
You can get an idea about the traffic by reading further.
It has a pagerank 6 and 430,891 backlinks. It received approximately 765,082 daily pageviews and has a potential to earn over $2,695. A site like this, if grows to its maximum potential, might sell for $4,004,514 but that's of course is just an estimate and does not mean it would ever sell for that amount.

They must mean google blogspots gets the 765,082 daily page views intotal, because My two blogs counters last week each stated about a hundred views. No where near that total of 700,000.

Looking into Technorati last week, I noticed that our Genealogy subject title is not even listed. It has changed from what it was a few years back. It certainly puts your mind into perspective there. I suppose we are under what subject family for some of us and technology maybe for others?
-I Question whether I should claim my blog there, just to read the information. Have you put in claim in for yours. I did see some very well known genealogy blogs there.

Well anyway, you should see, if they have used your blog. It might be worth a look.
-If you know anything about this, would you tell me? I would like to understand a little more about that website.
I would like to see for myself or verify some of their information.

- This next year I need to learn more about the technology of blogging and traffic marketing. And apply some of it towards my blog.

Maybe there is a better way to keep track of ones blog than just random googling the blogosphere. I will have to figure this out.

Have fun with your search of your own blog.
--Will you let me know if the website description that used mine, have used yours too?

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