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Monday, March 14, 2011

Dahlenburg family history surname Verikas

Inscription inside the cover by Charlotte Wodaege to Elisabeth.

Welcome back to arootdigger page. I should tell you that you need not worry.
I know that I have to finish posting more on the Meyer Descendant family tree. Like I did with the children and trees of Fred and William Meyer that I started weeks ago. I should really designate a day for my postings and stick to it. Just so you know, I haven't abandoned the intention or the project. You will see it here eventually. I get into new tangents......
I have some new fun [for me] ideas as well.

I wanted to discuss with you some fun plans that I have recently decided upon.

1. Index my book pages by Charlotte Wodaege into a small notebook. Even if I cannot read it that fast, at least I can refer to my notebook Index for a name or place. I think it will help me a lot. I just have to see which method will work the best for retrieval.

2. I found a second book of Charlotte Wodaege here which I hope to look at more throughly. After all she says she has descendants here in United States. I am curious about a Mueller family she mentioned in her Dahlenburg book. which title translates to
  • Charlotte Wodaege: Dahlenburg (Streifzüge durch die Geschichte)1989. Charlotte Wodaege: Dahlenburg (Rambling through the story) 1989.

3. I have been looking for the previous owner of that book. I think that would be fun, and just maybe helpful. I can do it because there was a book ownership stickeris in it. I am kind of curious why she bothered to put that in it. There was an inscription inside on face page by Charlotte herself. I am so curious about the whole story?

Since this is Monday a day people share other peoples writings, I will start with the names from that book.

Alex and Elisabeth Verikas from Wisconsin.

Yes, of course I have previously browsed a little and I am withholding some information already. I still don't know which surnames Elisabeth Verikas was interested in at Dahlenburg. I don't know what she found out? Where she went from there? Do they fall into our family history at Dahlenburg. Were they our ancestors too or well connected to them? But there is a good deal of unknown too to be discovered as the days go by.
I do know that she shared her village information on the german heritage days. In places  where it is celebrated. Her picture was in a newspaper I found on the internet. I hope I still  have a link.

If you know anything or found anything of the family Verikas, please let me know.


  1. Wow, Jo, you are one busy lady. Do read and speak German?

    BTW, thanks for stopping by Roots'n'Leaves and commenting on my posts. I do appreciate the comments --- and reading.

  2. It's always interesting to stop by your spot and read, I have been busy!
    I do what I can to translate. On the one link today I failed several times to get it to translate. I couldn't even cut and paste, though my little bar at the pad is semi broken. It's a hit and miss process. You know how it is with translators with some of it. Even with translation, they hardly make sense.

    The book link I shared to day was a new find for me. It's all about her family. I look forward to a little time spent on it.

    thanks for the interest.



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