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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unexpected; Anticipation with Family History Surnames from the Jonas tree; from the Hauschild in Butteris Family tree

Unexpected; Anticipation
What do I mean by that title? That one family history tree surname of yours connects to another unrelated ancestral tree. If it connects its related? And it is the name of our game in genealogical name pursuit.

Let me explain_ If I have Members of the Jonas tree with surnames Banit, Quast, Stehr, Luhman, Lohman, Meyer, Borschatz as seen here [] and I am doing a refresh on the Behmken/Meyer tree at Sauk co. Wi, and was reviewing other related trees to their data at Goodhue county, Minnesota. I am not expecting to find a Hauschild that connects to the Davenport in say Pierce county, Wisconsin. It doesn't hurt to browse the name, since the location is close. [ I don't actually recall the exact area anyway.] But sometimes luck runs that way and it happens. Hadn't I found once that the Michel's name led to Stream and that led me to my own area of Greene and Calhhoun couty with the surname Stream. It came to nothing that connected. I suppose it was a waste of time. It's just at that time, I knew next to nothing about my other Mich[a]els tree.

It could have happened today as I was reviewing some surnames and trees that tie to them. It's that I just didn't want to pursue it. At the time of my investigation, I doubt I was saving them to my trees. I just didn't want to take the time to check further. I would say that their is a six chance out of nine, it goes further. Which is a reminder to myself that if your investigating anything you should document your journey. If this pops up again, I can dig out my reminder file and see oh yes, I found this here and here on the Hauschild / Davenport for the Butteriss Family tree.

My tree does seem like a mess, and I am not proud of them.
Now I save everything I am interested in for later investigation. A couple of broad working trees are for just that. Ohhh I'll tidy them up one of these days. Just not today.

I have been in a little reality slump that results from paying attention to the world around me.
I have a little formula for depression due to the world events. It is simply to emerse myself into the surnames of my genealogical interests. I just refresh myself with the information. And well I do have to refresh the old memory. Well, Just jog the brain a little. While I am doing so, I can see at Ancestry just what is new. Etc.

I don't go through all of them, cause I have quite a few trees.
Anyway, I noticed the name Hauschild, Hauschildt and the memory of my pursuit of it with the name Davenport and my dear Mary Butteris.

See how it goes.

I just happen to reflect that sooner or later, folks while your browsing one tree, it just might run into your other tree, which you thought was entirely unrelated. [ except of course for your own self which joins the tree too]

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  1. Nice post. I find that genealogy does wonders for my depression! When life gets too stressed, it is my perfect escape.



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