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Friday, April 8, 2011

An April fools Prank or not.

Nik and Crystal

We were invited for
supper by my son,
Nic and his girl friend, Crystal last Friday night,

April Fools night.
I then was told that the two
had announced their
engagement on face book
prior to going out.
Since it was April Fools day,
they were going to have fun with
the disbelief they were expecting.
I hadn't seen the hooting
and hollering. I missed it.
After a quick browse the next morning I caught up with it.

Nik and Friend - copyright
As you see by the photo Nic is a
fun loving guy.
All I can say is that I am glad they had their fun with it. I thought they were going to tell us the wedding plans were their April fools joke, and that they were not getting married. [ smile] No. not the case. Instead we talked about the wedding plans.

It has been pretty hard for me to keep my mouth shut about their engagement
for these many weeks since February, when they told us.
Shortly after that they went to California to visit and tell her mother.

Okay, I may have dropped a few hints here and there, but not every one reads everything I say on face book.
Besides an delicious meal, my husband and I met Crystal's mother. She had brought me a gift of mint chocolate, which was a thoughtful gesture. There was something about her that clicked with me. I mean what's there not to like when someone gifts you candy of the mint and chocolate combination. I really liked her, and we had a few things in common.

One thing I especially remember that she told me was about her going along with her father on his many trips all over USA as a investigation detective. She had started to tell me about one very interesting story about a man and his bigamy past. And I had to interrupt her to ask, if she had seen something similar on "Who Do You Think You Are". She had, she does watch it. I hope to learn more about that bigamy case at a further time, maybe when she comes for the wedding in late May.

Yes, I said May. The wedding will be at the end of May, and I really have a lot to do for house work. I usually call it Spring cleaning, but now I thing I could call Last Minute Spring Cleaning Spring Pressure. Wedding Jitters or Last minute wedding all lend itself to this article on last minute suggestions for getting things done See for yourself.

So no fooling, I shall be very busy for awhile. I am sure that I will wander here to blog, when I should be working, but I have to have a little fun too! I also have a decision to make soon, as far as this blog and it's visibility goes.
I have shared a family engagement detail with you; So now it's your turn to share a little story about your child's engagement.


  1. You are going to be SO busy the next few weeks!

    No engaged children, so no stories to share (yet). :)

  2. We had been engaged since February 18th, and it wasn't a secret, LOL. We were trying to avoid the attention of talking about it on facebook. I think we got very few comments since we posted it on April 1st, and people had already known about it for weeks or (if they didn't know us well) just ignored it. ;)



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