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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Computer problems

Hi, Just a little word about my absence. I have a new computer and the daughter added chrome. I am experiencing problems with it and blogging. However that may not be the reason. I cannot even make changes at times. At the moment I am on my other computer, which lets me have a short amount of time.
I will get the problem under the belt soon. Just bear with me.
I am still in touch though, and working on my ancestral tree like crazy; which is good for the blog posts to come.


  1. Too bad you have these computer problems! Actually, last month I also added chrome and I really experienced issues with it! Fortunately, a computer expert called Yuri Mintskovsky helped me fix my computer. I hope you'll be back soon! Good luck!

  2. You sound like me! I am having the same problems myself. My old laptop has everything on it, it dies on me constantly. It maybe just the battery but I do have the feeling that it's going to go anyway so I have a newer laptop that I am trying to get my info on from the other computer. I installed Chrome, it's great and I love it but I seem to keep having issues with it. Something about my "shockwave player" has crashed. I have uninstalled it twice and it keeps coming back. What a mess! I feel your pain! No worries, look forward to you getting things resolved and your wonderful posts.

    1. Well, I can now at least leave comments with other blogs. I did alter the default on Privacy because I couldn't get into Hot mail.
      Now with some kind of crack down on copyright material, I have to get busy and take care of all that ancestry stuff I have. And I don't have the blog all set up right yet. Hopefully use the other puter. I need to fix some pictures ect that won't enlarge. I heard Chrome was faster, but the good stuff comes with the bad, but well learn even if it's a day at a time. jo

    2. Thanks Stacie. I'll still have to see what needs to be done. I'll have to take the time to browse a little to find the answers. Thanks for stopping by with the help.



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