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Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog Problem Once Again Maybe Solved

Well it looks like with the blogger change over, I have a little bity problem.
Actually it's a horrible mess. It couldn't come at  a worse time. I shall try to get things fixed, but it will take some time. It seems I am in the blog "Arootdigger'  black listed for having malware due to someone else carrying it. Since I linked to them I also am contaminated.

I hope you all will continue to be fine.
just me jo

Yes, It was a warning from Google because I had  blinly added a  We are trees...... blog to one of my blog rolls. I am not sure what I saw when I added it, but well, it is not what I thought it was. This porn maybe added readers, but well sometimes none is better than some.  Now removed with many of my blog rolls; it seems that google likes me again. 

The blog rolls and labels were nice to have, but maybe now is the time to figure out how to add buttons. After all I need something  new with my blog anniversary coming up.

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  1. Oh dear, there always seems to be something going on to upset us with Blogger, or Google+, or Facebook! Something new every day. Too bad you had this very upsetting problem happen, but you will recover just like the rest of us. Happy (almost) Blogiversary!



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