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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Comments on my Blog


First of all I am sorry if I deleted your comment. I was getting some filthy comments from a name -- Anonymous so I hit delete and it took out all five. I know the first two were of the same nature, the third, might have been a different Anonymous  person. That's the trouble with anonymous posting. Tthe last two didn't get a glance cause it took them all at once. I tried history, but it didn't work..
I hope you will  try the comment  again.
--Update--  I was able to google the blog, and get an older version. I did read the comments. Published one and the other one was okay. I am just leaving it until a later date to decide on it. I have to visit your blog etc. I wished the same technique would have worked for the paragraph I accidently deleted on another post.!!
 oh well.....

.My blog isn't here for the  naughty spam or to promote  their  pocket book.. And trust me you don't want to read some of the comments I get.
 Sometimes  we get those that make no sense. They are simply a string of tag words.

I do have ads at the side of the page, but well I haven't activated it entirely with the IRS.  So I couldn't get a cent if I wanted to unless I  did my homework.  with all the changes going on with Blogger I am a bit slow falling into shape. Sorry.

I love Comments.
I welcome comments about the content of the post and yours and my work. I . Especially love  the  kind too that says Hi, I think were related or  something about the family. Correction, advice  and pointers are good too.I love any comments, actually,  s.
Just not spam and links to spam related blogs

Okay that's it for today. Hope it's a good one for you. Hope it's memorable on 12-12-12.

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