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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A leaf has turned

Well the title is  nice, but misleading. Can I use it another time?
It's not genealogy related.
No changes there at the moment.
What has changed is the ranting  I have been doing about my content being stolen. My blog content was scraped even those recent ones with copyright notation. Yes nasty scrapers.  But  I noticed  some cancellations of  some of the blog content in the posts of Mommato2kids with amazon sales and also ash bullock who stold nearly all my posts has also been put down. Now I need to see if it is all of them,  or just a few I happen to see.

 I Did notice that cached copies are still out there and it might be all they need to keep going. I am sure they have recuperated somehow with another name of an account or blog. Time will tell. As I get my nose to the grindstone and check further.

And still the other xxx is still out there with my posts. He just uses a different format. Comfortable couch price.  What a name for a blog!  A blog with unethical means to an end. Hopefully his or her end of using my posts.  And again I wonder how much they made from this scraping of my content.

Just remember to check you overview for post readers for the day and see who is doing this viewing. My current crawlers are and trustcombat I doubt any of them are good. I read a little about some of them.
                                     Do not click on the links on any of them.

Well I'd better hop off this circle today before this becomes a rant.

                                     Hope you all have a good day

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