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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Father - Dwight Meyer

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copyrighted  photo of Anna SEIL and Dwight Meyer
Honoring My Father for Fathers Day
copyrighted by arootdigger -Jo Meyer
Dwight Meyer

Hi, I have wandered in for Fathers Day. I thought I would babble a little about some personal moments spent with my father and quit when the demons of guilt attack me.

You see at the right some penny photos of my father Dwight R. Meyer. I wonder who he was taking them for and where he was having them taken. Since he was usually the picture taker, I have few of him. I have had several photos of him at several of my blogs that I have shared in he past.

I just happen to think that he was an adorable small child.

In those pictures my mom always said that he was dressed like a little girl. It makes you wonder sometimes if it was a subconscious action of Grandma Annie? After all she had two boys, not a girl and a boy.

Do you have relatives Dressed like girls?
You know Lyle was given his own photos, and so what he wore when he was small is kind of unknown to me. Perhaps dad wore Lyle's hand me downs.
I think they were given play rompers, which could be bleached and kept nice and clean. Play clothes, but not exactly like you know the Trapp family play clothes in the musical movie Sound of Music. Luckily it was not from drape material.

Dad certainly needed them.
At any rate, I'll throw in a few of those links below so you can see for yourself.
Dwight Meyer second born son on February 8, 1918 at rural Sunnyslope farm in southern Minnesota. I am sorry, I know nothing about the details, if it was actually on the farm or at the hospital.

It probably was not that well known that he had left handed tendencies. As I was just a little thing I remember him consoling me as I was trying to use a scissor or a some tool, he confided that he too had a difficult time with those kind of tools. This confidence revealed two things. It was how he was with me, as sympathetic understanding father with a softer side. Also it reveals that he had left handed tendencies, which made things a bit more difficult for him because everyone tried to make him do the normal way. So as a child he had to relearn a task of using scissors. And I suppose in a school situation it stood him out from the others, not always in a good way.

I think too, though it was rarely said and rarely understood, that he was the youngest male at the farm. Most people don't know that he had his mothers younger half brothers and sisters, whom lived with the Meyer family and August Seils family all in the big old house for many years. One day when I was complaining and feeling a sibling crunch, he had confided to me in his gentle way, that there were times when he too had to pay the toll toward the elder siblings. He didn't go into it as much as he could have, I am not sure why. I never caught on that those Jaeschkes were those of whom he was thinking. I had thought it was just his brother he was thinking about.

copyrighted by arootdigger
Dwight Meyer and Sonny
I had no real thoughts on all this or clues, and it was those tender moments in recall I was gifted the important genealogical information that confirmed some hunches, which led to facts for me, which lead to further wonderful discoveries

I thought I would show Dad as a father here holding his eldest son Sonny. Next to him is a Unknown to me tall family member. I always thought of him as tall enough, but guess he wasn't as tall as some of his Iowa family appear to be.

My mother told me in their latter years, how much dad had wanted a little girl and well he did get me, a little book worm. This might be why there was one particular little spunky sassy girl by the name of Laura Lynn Day, who used to come out to the farm to stay with dad and Mom for a weekend. She was around three or four years of age. Dad would get her around the barn safely to be help feed the animals, etc. I think we all enjoyed those visits. She enjoyed the animals and the farm life, so much, I guess that was part of her charm. It was a topic of many a conversation to learn what she had been doing, what she had said, while she was there. [ For some reason we particularly like the spunkiness]

I could go on and on with memories about my dad sameness and uniqueness to yours and mine.

I am sure all your fathers day thoughts will be on your own special father.
And maybe each of you will be creating your own memories for your children. Or thinking about how you will or won't be doing certain things yourself when the time comes for you in your season of adulthood. I hope you all have a nice fathers day weekend.
Thanks for stopping by for my  little chat.


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