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Friday, July 11, 2008

I dig into the Family memories about the Keepsakes of the Sunnyslope Farm - A vase and roses

Memories about the family keepsake
 The rose without a name
The Vase was made in Austria and it has been in the Meyer family at Sunnyslope for many years. The rose you see in the vase was a successful start from the rose from the Sunnyslope farm. So this rose is the same as that Hermann Meyer and Annie Seil had growing at the farm on the hill.

This is a wonderful old rose with pink color, with great scent, and it is very adaptable. But more so than the beauty of the rose in the vase; is the beauty of the memories that they bring to me. This rose and the vase have a little history behind them. I hope I can bring some of that to light for you. I hope I can figure out the most of the story of both of them.

The  unnamed rose in my estimation was so worth the labor of its keep. The scent of this rose is to me is heavenly. Every time you passed through the gate to the farm area you got the scent. In the morning, I think it was like a gentle well wish to you on to your way to your task. You know how a person can be at five o'clock in the morning. And a pleasant greeting of the scent at the end of the evening as the farmers returned from the barn or the field at the end of the day. [One has been laboring in the hot sun all day in the fields or around the stink in the barn, it would definitely be a wonderful refreshing smell as one passed through the gate.]

The farm had belonged to another family before he purchased it. They might have been Miller once or others.   I am told that they visited once and heard about the mishaps and the changes that the farm had gone through. In their old age, they could see the maple trees still standing that they had planted. These were now huge and gave more shade than they had, when they began the farm.
The new owners would proudly show them around and ask the questions they were curious to hear. I wish I knew, if the old owners had planted the pink rose. If they had loved that rose too. No doubt they could have taken away a start of it to their new home. It would also have been a sentimental keepsake of their old home. Looking at it, smelling it, would bring up memories of the old days on the Sunnyslope farm. I don't know, if they even called it Sunnyslope farm too .

Annies grandfather, August Seil and his wife Anna Vogel had a wing in the old house to themselves. I am not sure exactly what August did on the farm, but it has been said that he had a green thumb. I am sure the pink rose held memories for Herman of the old days; when they were all there together. Maybe the rose held memories of their homes in Iowa. And the people they associated with there. Maybe, they got the rose, when they first married. And together made plans to planted it at the Sunnyslope farm.

I am thinking that later, maybe, the rose was passed around between farmers wives. Perhaps it sits still in an old cemetery; plaguing the caretaker to this day. So if any one in the neighborhood had this rose passed to them; I might have hope of finding the name of the rose. All I would have to do, is see if any one in that area, has the rose and knows its name.

Also, I also think,, if I can compare the roses of this time period I might be in luck. Some day, I will spend a little more time sifting through some rose books; or look on the Internet sites of roses. I can then find the dates of origination of some older roses. I know there are a few older roses that I have seen, which resemble this one. Maybe that will help pin point the possible time of planting. The time factor could help me identify the plant. Gosh, there is always puzzle solving, isn't there?

If your reading this your probably a relative. Maybe you know more about the rose or you have seen it somewhere. Maybe you have this hardy rose. Maybe you know about it. If so, I hope then you can email me, and let me know.

You could email me not just about the rose, maybe you have found something familiar about the vase. Maybe you know the story of the vase.

I know I am a day dreamer full of hopes. I have sure daydreamed here a bit. What else can a child that was a book worm be. I often wonder how it was in the ancestors lives those with these possessions that they often left behind. [I guess that is why they stress the hardships in their day.] I think they would be glad to know that a child they never knew about has a big appreciation for its beauty and the memories it holds. I hope you have too.

Also, maybe by now you understand, why I have kept that old vase, which is so scarred by time. I know a little of their story. A little about the owner. I know the beauty of their soul that made them keep these pieces, which were a part of their memories. There is beauty in the eye of this beholder, and I hope in yours too.

Jo arootdigger

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