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Friday, August 1, 2008

The Check was in the Mail, But Not Cashed

I just learned that the check in the letter that I sent to the researcher at Nahrendorf and Dahlenburg church last year around this time of year, was not cashed. That means I will have to write to him again. Which, I don't mind doing. Also, I will use the special email address that I have for a parish in Nahrendorf. I wonder if my letter was lost in the mail. I sent it to a home address. ahhhhhhhhh. No wonder, I recieved nothing in the mail for a whole year. I wrote with questions about further Seil information. Well, I did say I would write more. Anyway, now I need to contact them again, for sure. Perhaps, I should write the request of information letter all over again. I am not out the amount of the check. But the Dang things are expensive to get. I shall have to spend a little time writing a letter and do a good job translating it to get it perfect to send again.

As you may have noticed, I tend to get a little wordy.

I sure do learn by my errors!
just me

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