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Monday, August 18, 2008

Digger into Genealogy branch of Luhmann

Copyright from Farnhamville Centennial book
written April 13,2012

It is my understanding that Meyer went to Lohrville first in 1884. Also I think the Ernest Friedrich Luhmann family did as well. There may be others of the family that lived there that I am unaware of. I think that Fred Meyer at Churdan helped set him up according to the promise. Later after finances were fixed the family could settle where they wanted. The Meyers attended the St. Peters church of Farnhamville area. The Luhmanns did not.

Imagine how happy Fred must have been to finally see family again after fifteen years of not having seen William or the Luhmanns. It is strange though, that there are not many pictures of Meyer mixing with Luhmann. I am curious why that would have been. Not much mentioned in the Meyer book at all. Just a few pictures and mention of the mother.??

Some of the Luhmanns looked like Meyer children.

Ernest Luhman [Familie] Family Tree

Taken from the Farnhamville Centennial book

Calhoun county  Luhmann from Bleckede - Dahlenburg

Because I could not go to Germany and research I was able to attain a professional genealogist by the name of Friedrick Burmester of Bleckede. he would do this at a discount for me one time. I had so much information that I wanted. It was a hard choice. I was working on the Luhmnan of Farnhamville at the time, so I chose that family. I really wanted to see if they were related to ours. And they were. Peggy Luhman of Oregon confirmed it. 
And  then Her grandmother had asked for the Luhman address, so that she could write to them. [I never heard, if she actually did it or not.]  
Friedrich Burmester sent me  several handwritten  pages. Some written the old way in handwriting. I still have not entirely translated all of it. Some of it verifies information that I received from the good citizen of Niedersachen...Herr Kregel about the Luhmann family.

Our Luhmann Descendant

Heinrich Luhmann from Nahrendorf

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