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Friday, August 8, 2008


a rootdigger
I have this Direction sign and you can see, I don't know the answer. I know which way is East!
Can anyone help?

THE CHURCH at NAHRENDORF Many of our ancestors and their spouses came from Oldendorf by Nahrendorf and other villages near by. Many of them in the surrounding area attended that same church in Nahrendorf. Okay, I can't put all the villages on this pole, so we'll just have to 'make do' with Nahrendorf on the post.

Since you might be interested in some residents of Nahrendorf in those days of our Ancestor Meyer; I decided to post a scan of the page of Nahrendorf's hofs and kotes that had I received from a friend taken from Hch. Borstelman's book "Beitraege zu Hof und familiengeschichte des aelten Bleckede".[The link is just a place that mentions it.]
This is a record of Hof three at Nahrendorf.

Borstelmann's work sent from Germany
I see the print remained a little small. I shall see, if I can redo it soon a bit larger. My scanner and Printer is misbehaving the last couple of days, so I think I should avoid using them. We'll see in a bit. I'll see, if I can transcribe it and put that here. [I may not get every word, but close.] I will see, if I can round up more of the hof records for Nahrendorf. Hof 2.

In the early years we had The Brese member joining the Luhmann family at Eichdorf from Nahrendorf. And it again with Anne Maria Reinecke's mother. Anna Maria Reinecke, who was also from Nahrendorf. There were others.

I may have to explain more about the information in the book at another time. You may know in the hof records, we may only see the male landowners names.When the son takes over the farm it usually mentions who his wife is as he does so. Usually it is the first born male's name of the next of kin who takes ownership. Unless there is a death or the first born son has made some other choice. Which I doubt he would do. In later years they could immigrate. In any case the other children either stay and do work for the eldest; or maybe bring income home from labor elsewhere. Many times they don't want to be under the rule of the eldest. So they leave home and take on the role of shepherd or some other occupation that they can learn the skill. Other occupations such as Schumacher, Schneider or something with a guild is not easily acquired. One needs to know the effect of the rules of inheritance/ marriages and how it involve those who lived at the Hofs.
When I understand the customs of inheritance a little then at least I can predict or imagine the outcomes. It all helps to find family.

A good example of the Meyer/Luhmann family and their heritage is to be seen at the page on the HalbHof 2 in Eichdorf;. Now it is a part of Nahrendorf territory but it is shown on a different page. The Land was handed down through the family. One can learn more by following the church records than that little paragraph that Heinrich Borstelmann has of Eichdorf. Though the two together is good. Often some information I relay/share with you will contain information as a result of some custom or inheritance.

I find it feeds my imagination about my ancestors to learn all those little helpful tidbits of info that went with their lives. Such as what choices the older men and women folks had, when their sons took over or when their spouse passed. I am always glad to pick up information like this that people want to share with me.?? [Hint]

Well, this is enough of reading between the lines for me. You can read what ever you want into the evidence that I have presented today. Evidence of Land owners of Hof 3 in Nahrendorf; or my little musings about the families.
I welcome questions and comments, corrections and shares. Email me - arootdigger[at] jo

.edited post 1/29/12

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