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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Links to links - Taeger - Genealogy [ von Nahrendorf]

I am feeling good about the link. It's worth a look and I would like it to be clickable.
I really am thrilled to find a blogger in Nahrendorf. And are Taeger. I only have a maybe Taeger in my family. But I do have a name. Williams child - Wilhelmina held connections to the possibility of the Taeger name. It is posted a little ways back.

 I posted this information, as I discussed the godparents of his children. The name was Dorothea Elisabeth Taeger, a Hauslers frau at Nahrendorf. Other surname were Konau, Meyer at Sammatz, and Burmester. I do have Luhmann located at Sammatz as well. It is good blog. Check it out.

I may have to learn how to attach his link, when there is no tag "create a link"

So click on the title.

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