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Monday, November 3, 2008


The above link is for viewing further information about Meyer Heins Marriage and children.

I think the Anna Marie Hencke Heinz looks like she walked out of a Jane Austin Movie. Or Charlotte Bronte Novel. I wonder if the uniform on the handsome gent could be a clue?

I wish I knew for sure if the captions are correct. Any one with the Meyer book know for sure? Was it corrected in your Meyer book? He most definately looks like the captioned Heinrich Heinz with Mrs Frau Heinz.

I believe this one is the oldest photo of oldest Ancestor that our family had. I believe Frieda Nahnsen said that it was suppose to Meyer. Though the caption in the Meyer book says Heinz.

Verl where are you? Can you tell us?

Comments on the correct name, very welcome.

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