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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Even Information From Church Can Foul You Up.

One must be on guard. Even information from the church can be later said to be untrue.
It happened in this case.
I had received information or confirmation of the marriage of My Maria Dorothea Heins and my Jurgen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer at Oldendorf parish Nahrendorf. I also had some records through Dahlenburg archives. I wrote to the church and had asked for more information on the other Heins and Meyer. I was told it was incorrect after all. Now I still wonder more about the families and the other surnames. I think I should still write them and ask more about the mentioned Meyer families in that Document. There is always one more to learn about.
Here is part of a letter I wrote about it to a fellow genealogist a few years back.
I got one new record this week while gone about supposedly the Catharina Heins. Maria's sister. .

Meyer, Johann Juergen Friedrich [ M ] ev 06,08,1842 Nahrendorf and ~ 1842 Nahrendorf 1st marriage: 17,03,1865 Nahrendorf excerpt from the trusting register ev. luth. Church municipality Nahrendorf NR. 4/1865 Meyer, Johann Juergen Friedrich, unverehelichter Hauswirthssohn in Nahrendorf, geb. the 6ten August 1842 in Nahrendorf, parents: Hauswirth Johann Heinrich Christoph Meyer in Nahrendorf and its wife Catharine Elizabeth born Sandern, with Heins, Johanne Catharine, unverehelicht in Dreylingen, Parochie Eimke, geb. the 4ten November 1845 in Dreylingen, parents: House and Gastwirth Johann Heinrich Friedrich Heins in Dreylingen and its wife Catharine Marie born Mueller, angebl. future residence Nahrendorf.

Quantities to Eimke and Nahrendorf the 5ten and 12ten March 1865, getr. to Nahrendorf seventeenth March 1865 HEINS, Johanne Catharine [ F ] ev * 04,11,1845 Dreilingen = Eimke

Our further investigations have resulted in that Johanne Catharine Heins, from which we had found so far only the dying entry was not a child of the married couple Heins/Hencke in Kreutzen, but the married couple Heins/Mueller in Dreilingen. We corrected the master sheets accordingly.

So there is not the sister Catharine married to another Meyer................ one less thing to look for. Now I am curious about the other meyers mentioned. they probably belong to jonas

Sandern was capitalized and translation took capitalization away.

This does not lead me any closer to knowledge of Henke or Heins siblings. Surely there is more than just Maria Dorothea Heins and her brother. And I have no proof of that either.

I am also interested in the surname Sandmeier since I saw it on the Meyer, Behrens, Schultzen, Rappaul, Ulrich tree records. I have had a interest in Sanders too.

Comments: The closest I could come to this is that I did find a tree by Russel Duenow. I have found traces of his tree to I think Lowden, Iowa. I'll have to see if I can russel up an old letter or research I did on it at one time. I saw some information, but nothing that tied to my Heins. Unless He had remarried.

Most of you probably know that the church often adds that 'n' to a woman's name. I should see sometimes why they did that. Anyone know? I saw Meyern and Schultzen in past records. Silly me, I even looked at ancestry for them.

Could this family have anything to do with my Heins prescence at Oldendorf. My Heins had to be members of the Nahrendorf church if they rented and lived there. I mean these people were traditionally a religious family, so they would attend the church. I have record of another Heins possible brother to Maria Heins. living in another village. I hadn't asked for further records of any of them. I should. In order to obtain those records I need to contact the Dannenberg church or the Nahrendorf church. *I am wondering now as I write here, what went on with the Heins at Oldendorf area after the Meyer family Immigrated.

The part that was untrue was that this Heins woman was my Heins [ Heinz] sister.

The part I have mixed feelings about is that this is yet another J. Juergen Friedrich Meyer to the list I have about families unknown that I would like to know more about. [If I only had the money!!]

I think too maybe with the resources out there that I should be able to fine more on this family. Perhaps Heinrich Porth has a book that might cover this family location, Eimke and Dreylingen? You think??? I am not sure why I have found two spellings for Dreylingen.I know the translations are a laugh, but it sure helps make the progress faster. I dislike how it can translate a surname and the names of villages. And funny at the same time. Some times there is a persons name that translates to excrement. I just feel sympathy and wonder about the names origin.

Well that's all for the day. Good luck on your searches. Don't get paranoid now, I am sure that your church records are just fine!

just me jo


  1. At least they corrected the error! That was an interesting and convoluted tidbit. A reminder to check and recheck. Thanks

    BTW thanks for stopping by RootsNLeaves and leaving a note about my Uncle Ralph's letter that I posted. I still have a number of relatives in Minnesota --- and they still fit that old-time-help-your-neighbor mold. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Joan, and your welcome. Yes, the only mildly [smile] disturbing part is that if I had not asked further questions about that information, it would have had me still searching for more information everywhere like I usually do.

    oh heck, I am going to be still looking for more information on the family. It's just not the biggest priority.

    And I wish some of the old neighbor farmers childen had remained on the farms.



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