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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surname SATURDAY with Naerfke and Ahrens

I am back on track with more on NAEFKE and AHRENS on this Surname Saturday.
I just have to warn you you may get a little frustration today. I will try my best to avoid it. Just sometimes, after I write my post I hit the space bar I then find my previous written sentences deleted. So sometimes, just sometimes your jipped my wonderful work. You get a substitute instead. But that is not the frustration I mean.

I just love to check my email and find another letter from Mark Kuhlman. He has given me some more information on the Naefke - Ahrens family. I just love getting information about Ahrens, Naefke famiies from Oldendorf and Nahrendorf.
For years I have been in a ' frustration' wanting more Information on these families. Now with dates, etc, I have more possibilities opened up.

I suppose anyone else would do a happy dance with seeing such a wonderful article. But I am very comfy on this love couch with a huge ottoman. The picture seems very familiar, but I can't say for sure, if I have seen it before or should I say where I have seen it before.
He said this about it after I asked him where it came from.

"Those two articles came from my aunt Laura Naefke Henrichsen from Ft.Dodge Iowa. Her daughter had them hidden away in her old stuff. I just happened to ask her some info and was telling her some of the stuff I was having a hard time finding and she called me back and she had found those articles."

I am giving it to you, but I am not sure if it will enlarge enough for you to read. I am going to try and if it does not work I have a couple of alternatives to try. I am just not that Handy around computer technology.

If I were to get to print it in laser, which would blow it up and maybe not distort it. More than likely, I won't know if it is going to enlarge large enough to read. WE google bloggers often use Picasa. Any pictures we publish are held there and then usually open to public. So once my pics are published, it is easy for me to go and edit it again.
And I can try to enlarge it through Documents. Other wise I can just extract the information for yo

First I'll give you the small version.

This one below is slightly larger once you click it.

A failure. But then I have already given you the info in the article. All that is new to you is the picture for Naefke and the Henry Schroeder information. The information is exactly the same as that you see at my other posting of the information removed from the book Calhoun County, Iowa History 1854- 1987. The best method for the enlargement would be to save this and then click prview. In that way, it does allow you to expand the sizes for your reading comfort. At the large size, I found the blurr hard to bare.

I can get the information Of Henry Schroeder though.
I will need to post this information up at Oldendorf und Nahendorf blog as well. You can find it listed at the right column. Some of my postings there has been delayed due to already mentioned reasons. [ smile] But it will be released soon.

Thank you Mark.

just me jo

Similar source.
Naefke pp. 336. The Calhoun County History 1854, 1982 Book. Written by the people of Calhoun county Iowa and Calhoun County Historical Societ. Rockwell City Iowa. Copyrighted 1982. Library of Congress 81-72076. Printed by Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas Texas. Bob Johnson Publication Consultant.

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