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Monday, April 19, 2010

Familiendatenbank Bad Bevensen - Korn und Culemann

I was surprised to find another source at GENEALOGY.NET shown here which contained information on the Korn family. It does pay rewards to use different search engines now and then.

Familiendatenbank Bad BevensenFamilienbericht             Currently not working

Carl Bernhard KORN
* 30.10.1787 in Gronau
+ 19.10.1858 in Groß Thondorf
Bemerkungen: (notes)
Konfession: r.-kath.
Datum für geboren berechnet!
begraben: 22 OCT 1858
, Himbergen
Wohnort :  Groß Thondorf

Beruf :
Handelsmann, Zinngießer, Kesselflicker

(1st spouse)
CULEMANN, Elisabeth
* 1778 in Ahrenstedt
+ 06.05.1831 in Groß Thondorf
oo vor 1814 in

KORN, Johann Ferdinand * 1814, + 1865
KORN, Maria Theresia * 1815, + 1822 in Groß Thondorf
KORN, Carl August * 1819 and + 1822 in Gross Thondorf
KORN, Carl August Friedrich * 1823, + 1876
KORN, Heinrich Jacob * 1825, + 1867
KORN, Johann Heinrich Christian * 1828 in Groß Bemerkungen
Eltern parents)
Geschwister (siblings)

Johann Heirnich Christian
00 Married
Catharine Maria Margaretha FRANCK
* 18.12.1828 in Himbergen

getauft: 21 DEC 1828, getauft in Himbergen

Konfirmation: 09 APR 1843 Himbergen wohnort: Westersunderberg

It lists her Parents as Juergen Heinrich Friedrich Frank  CULEMAN and her mother as Catharina Elisabeth FRAMKE and all her siblings. It seems the story stops there. I clicked the parents and it did not go further back.
No further children are listed either.

Feel free to click the title for the link. Or the link that I have provided.

Comment : I am sure that all the KORN family you saw in the earlier posting is correctly displayed here. the only spouse shown for the kinder is for Johann Heinrich Christian  KORN.

I Knew of course this site featured the church books information on the families.  of the Bergen area of Celle. Soltau area and many others. I just did not know Bevensen had information too. I am sure you will want to check on your surnames there. I love the pages that tell you where they died. And where some of them were born coming into Bevensen.

If some one was born at Dahlenburg, Bostelwiebeck, and Bohlsen. You can find out who by clicking on the place of birth. I clicked Bostelwiebeck and saw a surname that I find very little on these days. Uhlrich with connections to Burmester and Barge. It keeps getting better and better,with the surnames  - Klip, Luhr, etc.
I have got to stop. it is in German, but if you are concerned with choices  look to your left column and go back and forth and experiment a little.
 You don't really have to have English, . though,  I believe it is an option.
Good luck and have fun!
It's your turn.

Try here:,_OFB 

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  1. I have been glad to read the report on our genealogical data bank Bevensen. On our association web page we have an additional data bank which is updated even more often. At the moment I digitize all church registers from Bevensen and hope in approx. 8-9 years to be able to publish the local family book.

    Many greetings



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