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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Running on with words / Genealogy today with Struss, Kuhlman, Birx

There is a lady at work, who talks a mile a minute. I mean so very fast, so many words at a time!

Sometimes I feel that is how I write at forums. I blurt it out so fast; I run on and on; forgetting to ask questions; and not waiting for replies.

I merely do so, because I want the person to have all the information. So he or she may look more into it later, if they have the drive, like I do.

I sure do embarrass myself afterwards when I look again at them.
So that is what I have done again here:

Rainer Struss has been in a lot of places of Minnesota that makes me take in my breath. And this is one more time that he has done so. In this tree he has been hinting at the families I have have one or two o, f but not have spent the time connecting. Such as surnames, Hanson, Olson, Luhman, Malo, Rasche, Rathje and many more. Martin and Watonwan hold so many clues. and like all western states they tie into the west and the east. Settlers came from the east to Martin and wanted to be Gentelman farmers with maybe estates. That didn't really pan out for most of them. Many came from Illinois, Iowa and settled as a colony. All Pieces of a puzzle that need placement.
Naefke, Grote, Meyer, Kuhlman,

As others say when pieces flow together and fall like dominoes, it is a good day!
And I have already have had a good day.

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