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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sylvia Peter's Special Pink Treasure

This has come a long ways from what it was. Originally it had a sateen like heart on the inside all blotched with stains [ smile] Ripped as well, so I removed that.
You can see it has been damaged by black something like ink. I don't recall exactly what it was on it, I think paint. I tried to remove it with paint thinner immediately, but I suspect it was set in good that day. I was afraid I might remove the pink color, so I quit. I remember the day it happened so quick as I was painting a dresser. One of those dumb moves that didn't have to happen. I'd have better off not to spread it and leave the stain in the small spot it was. [smile]

I love the color of it and the fact that it was from my Mothers side of the family. I shall probably keep it even as it is. I think maybe her mother an aunt or sisters gave it to her.


  1. What a special little treasure! I assume this is a hand bag? Whatever it is, it is very charming. I can just see some little girl touting it. Was it handmade?

  2. Do you think it was a handbag for a little girl. I thought it was a pic cushion if one had the lining and sand or something inside. I'd have to look and see if there are two straps. It would be darling as one, if it were in great shape, of course. I suspect my grandmother or moms aunt or one of her sisters made it. It hung above her thread and such and held hat pins and pins etc in Moms bedroom.

    I happen to know mom didn't know more than a simple crochet around something to edge it. she didn't knit. I am not sure if she knew how to darn. Which I don't know how to do, but I can crochet lace.

    I have a similar, but round shaped one in lavender, I will have to photograph it sometime.



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