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Monday, April 26, 2010

William SEIL Author of Sherlock Holmes Mystery Book

Sometimes one can strike it just right. And we get a few facts that make sense.

I had used some maps to clearly understand where Bellevue was in Washington and learned that it was in the county of King. I had the links I had received in my comments to pursue. I was ready to close the page, but since it was still open, why not run one more search with the word Seil. I might have received William's brother Kenneth. after using that search word with the others. Which I will save for later.
Then I thought Well why not run the word Titantic. If Bill resided there and was even a journalist, would not the paper introduce him as the author he was.

My first strike was not bad for a first strike. It was actually about the fact that six passengers aboard the Titantic were from King county Washington. ahhh, Now doesn't that help explain why William Seil of Bellevue Washington might know a lot about the ship in order to maintain a novel which takes place on the ship. He maybe knew someone who knew someone, etc and did an investigation.

The ship sank about ten / eleven days ago of this month in the year 1912. Sadly it took with them so many undeserving passengers who could find no room for them in a Rescue boats.
Men gallantly let the woman and children go.

Those six families the article states:

-William Harbeck, Seattle resident, moving picture producer and cameraman, was on the Titanic as its official filmmaker. He had filmed the progress of Seattle’s regrading project on Denny Hill, as well as the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.
-Hugh R. Rood lived in Seattle and served as Vice President and General Manager of the Pacific Creosoting Company, a firm that creosoted pilings to protect them from shipworms
-Herman Klaber was a King County businessman known as the “hop king” because he operated the largest hop business in America, providing the main ingredient for beer.
-The Brown family, including Thomas Solomon William Brown, a real estate investor in Cape Town, South Africa, his wife Elizabeth Catherine Brown, and daughter Edith Eileen Brown. They were traveling to Seattle to visit a sister, Mrs. Josephine Acton, and possibly to live here..........................................................................................................................................
Elizabeth Brown and her daughter Edith were among those who got into lifeboats and were saved. After mother and daughter arrived in Seattle, Elizabeth Brown told her story to a Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter.

Okay, Okay , these are not clues to his family history. If I have identified his family according to the fact that he might have been born in Washington, his father is Adam E. Seil and his mother Elinor. Luckily I have contacted someone at Ancestry who seems to be well acquainted with Seil of Washington state. They are checking to see if any of the family wrote a book.

I have actually seen the book, I wish I had gotten it, I shall have to find the publishing date.

I must admit it is a tough task to begin with out a birth date at all. Only a location and then to find out they were a journalist in Illinois. He could actually be born anywhere. It is a wild goose chase based on assumptions at first.

I happened to see this list of passengers for the state of N. Jersey.This is evidently a valuable encyclopedia just for Titantica.
Just think of the stories or Novels that could be written.

What is your reaction after seeing the movie or reading a novel of survival of the tradegy.
What is your reaction after hearing some men survived? The last link states the problems resulted from having survived the ordeal.

To welcome home:


  1. I am watching as you hunt him go girl.

  2. Thanks Hummer, it is fun to discover lots of people from Washington. Even in little ol Wisconsin I have found four people in my work place that I interact with. And One or two at face book.

  3. Hi... I couldn't help but send you a message after finding your blog. Doing some genealogy research I was investigating the William Seil who wrote the Sherlock Holmes books and I was trying to figure out if he was related, still not sure about that, but after perusing through your blogs I found so many connections so I thought I would throw some info at you to see if we are looking for some of the same people. I'm not sure what your family lines are but mine are Nic Seil from Luxembourg to Minnesota to North Dakota, ending up in Superior WI. Katerina Meyer or Neyer or Heyer (depending on the source) from Germany or Luxembourg, settled in Winona, MN. Johannes Winistorfer from Switzerland, settled in Winona, MN. Ralph Seil b. 1901 WI, lived in Seattle. His son was William Seil, b. 1935 (no more on him).

  4. Dear Anonymous, thank you for your help and material. I really am interested in learning about all the Seils settled here in United States. I used to dismiss a Seil if I heard they were from Luzembourg, but now I know that they could have settled in my Niedersachen area of Germany before a member of the family moved on to 'Amerika'

    Actually I should be ashamed of myself, for not following through with a post about the author William Seil. I was contacted here through the blog by a relative of his. He explained that William comes from Joliet, Illinois also. And actually, I couldn't be happier. I need to do a post now on that family in Joliet or Will county. It is the same Johan Seil family there that I have been following with similar surnames as the ones at the Farnhamville church area in Iowa. And the one Heinrich Seil in Iowa I learned did live in Joliet also before going to Iowa. As did our Schroeder family. The family has a young woman named Anna Seil who married into our Farnhamville Schroeder family. They lived in Will county most of their married life. I probably started a post on it and didn't finish it. I probably have mentioned them here at one of the blogs before, and had not elaborated on them.
    The family at Joliet has had some connections to others from duchy of Orange and I believe that is Luxemburg isn't it? There are some trees of the Stein family at Rootsweb on this or one name of the author was Robert Baron as I remember him. I should have mentioned earlier that the details are there.

    I had been wondering about the family of Seils in Wisconsin. And the Settlement of Seil in the Dakota state. Even in Eau Claire, Wisconsin area there is a Seil family. I wonder from where they hail.
    I admit the word Winona and Wabasa has always been a red letter word to perk my interest. I shall have to look into the Holly Hunter tree again. She carries some Meyer surnames there and some that actually tie in the settlement of Sauke county Wisconsin. If you happen to notice a file in a Latter day saints search about the Henry Meyer film available for Winona area and Saucke county Henry Meyer film availabe, I believe those connect.I shouldn't say that without a review of the data again; so take note that my recall is fussy, don't take any bets on it.

    Isn't genealogy fun. Twists and turns and mysteries everywhere. Would I have been as clever as Sherlock Holmes, I doubt it.

    So sorry I missed your post, I've been in the garden. I hope to hear from you again soon.

  5. Since this post, I have to add that you should 'stay tuned' for a post again about another Seil name involving Meyer which brings in Maybe Minnesota Kuhlman; Ahrens; Seil; The big key surname is Ahrens. There were the same Ahrens tied to the Stein tree too. That tree takes me around to the Michels, Schenk, Schoop, and Rosseburg tree. Well I could go on forever so I'll leave it at that.

    [I will leave with a mention that I can't work on any tree in Iowa or Illinois with out seeing one of them having settled in Wisconsin, and it seems certain county settlement areas stand out.] just me jo.

  6. I think I should point out the error in mention of Holly Hunter.It would be Holly Meyer.

    Actually I discovered a connection in her tree to those of Jonas of Dahlenburg[ Feel free to ask about his tree] and that settlement at Wabasha and Goodhue, Minnesota. And the connection to Sauck county in Wisconsin. Her tree contained the name of Ratzmann from the Himbergen Uelzen area which lead to same as mine whom married my gr gr grandfathers brother at Uelzen. Holly's husband I believe was Paul Bem[e]ke. Many of his surnames hailed from the Himbergen Uelzen family. Such as Oetzendorf Meyer. I have some of his noted in the margins of my Heirnich Porth book about OFB Himbergen Uelzen.
    I can't give you direct link because it would reveal my account too freely.
    Just ask and I will relate.!!



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