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Monday, August 9, 2010

Rugia passenger list 7.mai.1883 From Hamburg to New York.

Be sure to check the four pages of this Ship / Schiffe Passenger list of the names of the passengers on the ship Rugia. It might surprise you who was on the ship.
There were others from the same area, as well as near by Uelzen.

Link to the first page here and by clicking the title.
This list is donated by Ines Manhardt a member of
Immigant ships Transcribers Guild done 17June2004.
The stars often mean that they name has umlauts.
Which is the case for most these Or some other meaning.
A G. Lange died on ship.

I have been bringing up these particular passengers
and attempting to show where they settled.
423* Jurgen Schroder  34  m Workman   Hanover     
424* Marie Schroder 31 f wife Hanover
425* Heinr. Schroder 9 m child Hanover
426* Louise Schroder 4 f child Hanover
427 Anne Strauss 40 f wife Hanover
428 Heinr. Seil 23 m Workman Hanover
429* Fritz Schroder 47 m Workman Hanover
430* Marie Schroder 36 f wife Hanover
431* Marie Schroder 13 f child Hanover

432* Louise Schroder 9 f child Hanover
433* Fritz Schroder 4 m child Hanover

I have talked about the surnames of Schroeder and Seil,
I will get to them again at a later time..

But first I would like to discuss
Passenger Konan below.

434 Wilh. Konan 24 m Shoemaker Hanover

435 Anton Dirschedt 41 m Shoemaker Bavary
436 Martin Komischke 24 m Workman Prussia .
437 Joh. v. Kroge 22 m Farmer Hanover .
438 Claus v. Kroge 17 m Farmer Hanover

I posted Sunday about the Warnecke family living
in Clark township,
Faribault county Minnesota by 1900 Federal Census.
I had stated that
the Hamburg passenger listed two children in the same spot with
Johann and Mary Warnecke. His middle name is Heinrich.
I guess the other child Heinr. was there, I just did not
see Heinrich. age nine.
That Mystery is solved
439 Johann Warnecke 33 m Butcher Hanover U.St. E 2 intrans.

440 Marie Warnecke 30 f wife Hanover U.St. E intrans.
441 Heinr. Warnecke 9 m child Hanover U.St. E intrans.
442 Emmi Warnecke 7 f child Hannover U.St. E intrans.
443 Wilh. Warnecke 2 m child Hannover U.St. E intrans.

Now were going to move along and look at the entry number
434 Wilhelm Konan age twenty four. On April tenth,2010,
I shared these names before, which I took from the
Hamburg Passenger list of ship Rugia. It lists this person
as Wilhelm Konau. I tend to believe the Hamburg list
is correct. I looked at the handwriting, and I agree that it
really should be Konau from Mucklingen.

I did find another passenger list in the year 1885 with
the name Wilhelm Konau at
That Wilhelm Konau was from Pommoissel.
Wilh Konau Hamburg Passenger on date 19 Mrz 1885
[19 Mar 1885]
Estimated birth year: 1860 Age 25
Male or Mannlich
Residence: Pommoisel, Hannover
Occupation: Landmann
Ship Name: Moravia

Note: If you explore further at into
the 1929 residence in Germany / Niedersachen.
Handbuch des Grundbesitzes im deutschen Reiche,
Band Hannover, 1929
There under the village Pommoissel entries is for the
man by name- H. Konau.
Others there were: Otto Bartels, Hch. Karstens,
Hch. Persiehl, Hch. Rosseburg,and Joh. Schlicht.
Looking Under Muecklingen, the name Konau is not present.
Nor is Schroeder or Warnecke or Seil.

I'll come back to this source another day.

On another post, I will get into a little more detail on this Konau / Konan who came to America in 1883.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Check out my gene blog too if you have the chance.

    What was the location of the German town that you were writing about?

  2. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog.

    It's nice to see a fellow German Researcher. Mom and I were working on our/her German roots just before she passed. How I am going to miss her expertise.

  3. Thank you Claudia and Gini for stopping by and commenting.

    In answer to your question Claudia, I will explain that the colonists i often write about, who went to Calhoun and Greene county Iowa with Meyer were from this region on the west side of the Elbe river in Germany. It has a few area names such as Wendland. Actually most of the area is the stadt of Luneburg, Niedersachen or Lower Saxony. commanly Known for a time in history as the area of Hannover Kingdom and later Prussia.
    The villlages of Oldendorf and Roethen with church of Nahrendorf was in the forest of Goehrde. Some of this part was technically in the Dannenberg district or Luchow Dannenberg Category.
    Of course the emigrators did not always go to those places of Iowa, but to Jackson county, Iowa. And to other places In Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Etc.

    This reminds me I should explain more of this exact each time. Perhaps in blogs title or text to the right. Thanks again girls.



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