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Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Warnecke 1880 at Oldendorf / Nahrendorf

Mary Meyer Nahnsen~~~~~~Herman Meyer ~~~~~~Anna Meyer Bennett

Well I am getting around to showing you more on what I have for Warnecke; just as I said I would. /It has of course been in the back pages of 2008.
So see here in 1880 the church record of Mary Meyer, who married into the same Nahnsen family that her sister Frieda married also in Calhoun county, Iowa. Frieda was born years later in Calhoun county Iowa. You can see the w hole family here [except for the deceased].

This little part of the church record at Nahrendorf shows the babtism of Marie, child or our Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer. Notice the name Lyssmann twice. Lysmann in connection with Warnecke. Sorry, I don't know yet the connection nor do I know the family of Wilhelmine Meyer. I was curious too, because there was a family of Lusman, who ran a harness shop at Farnhamville. I noticed that they were too, early members of the Lutheran St. Peters church.

3. Kind MEYER, Marie Wilhelmine Bertha (F) ev
* 12.01.1880 Oldendorf = Nahrendorf
~ 21.01.1880 Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister der ev.-luth.
Kirchengemeinde Nahendorf
Nr. 3/1880
Meyer, Marie Wilhelmine Bertha, geb. 12. Januar 1880,
get. 21. Januar,
Eltern: Juergen Heinrich Wilhelm Meyer,
Haeusler in Oldendorf und dessen
Ehefrau Marie Dorothea geb. Heins.
1.) Wilhelmine Lyssmann geb. Meyer, Haeusler in Oldendorf.
2.) Elisabeth Warnecke geb. Lyssmann, Haeuslerfrau in Oldendorf.

Do you Remember that her older first born sister Anna was named afer the twins of another Juergen Friedrich Meyer, who also worked at Roethen and lived in Oldendorf and was the schulz. ( Schulz probably means mayor.) Until I get more word from the church I don't know enough to even speculate accurately.

I would like to tell you my thoughts at the moment.
This is 1880, a year later after Wilhelms father has passed away; and his mother in 1856, so his father may have remarried. Wilhelm is a hauesler in Oldendorf not a landowner. He knew back in 1869 he wanted to go to Amerika. I am wondering if a stepmother or her children could possibly be a godparent to his children. It's just a thought.

Well I really must run along now, my stomach is growling.

If you know anything on the
Warnecke or Lyssmann, or even Lusman[n] why not drop me a line.
We love comments, you know!

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