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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sharing a little J and I.-- Genealogy Share

This post just explains better my little share below in the last post. I am basically using the phrasing from this site
which I found to illustrates my point.

German has all 26 letters used in the English
alphabet, plus a few additional letters: umlauted
vowels—ä, ö, and ü—and an Eszett, ß. Specific
information about these additional letters is given
There is often no distinction made between the
capital I and the capital J). They may be
represented by the same letter whether printed or
handwritten and may be also indexed as the same
letter. When followed by a vowel the letter is a
consonant, J and when followed by a consonant, it
is a vowel, I.
It's not an exact quote. The old Gothic letters they used don't show up here. I am not sure why.
The words for the examples they used were: and the word die Idee= the idea; die Insel= the Island; der junge= boy; and Juli = July

I hope you will visit this link for further reading , it's fantastic.

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