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Monday, November 22, 2010

A sneak peak - My French HeirItage -Genealogy

Yes I have a little french Heritage. I had been told over the kitchen sink one day as a preteen that both sides of the family had some, but it seems dad was dragging in his recovery of the information . Mom acknowledged it immediately. I have to admit it became a huge part glamorized by myself. If you were referenced to any kind of Joan with french heritage, wouldn't you?

Nothing more was said then of where. It didn't matter. From that day On, I loved anything french.
As I was reviewing the work of one of my Californian PETERS relatives; I decided to pursue a bit more. I had noticed at rootsweb- world connect another Peters tree who were claiming Reim and area that Joan of arc had in her history. I let it go until I looked again last winter into LODES / JASPER tree briefly. It was then that I found the area to be called La garde Meurthe et Mosell department of Lorraine. i watched the little green leaves turn and turn at Ancestry. The Royer family went a good deal further back with many connections. I would like to know more why they immigrated, how they managed the revolution and the wars. There were so many in that region. I believe them to be Methodist and some did marry Roman Catholic. so maybe a history too of the religion would be good to know, since I am sure it played a part in history.

I am fascinated, and well there is so much geography and history to learn and of course pass along.

Today I was caught up in Marie Antoinette fantasy and her parents HAD Lorraine heritage??? [ I will look, just YOU wait and see] I stumbled upon this little tidbit and website to pass along to you today. And I know it is only a drop in the bucket. but it pertains to Germany as well as France. In the time span of 1871 to 1819 - IN parts of this area of department of Lorraine territory belonged to Germany. The villages had two names, that were known in French and the German version. You can find an index of the differences here. Notice there are several pages.
Here is the index.

According to that we find the town name of Lagarde to be Gerden. Thus the home of my French/ German ancestor Matilda ROYER daughter of Jean Francois ROYER and mother Barbe Agathe GRANDMANGE [31 Jan 1796 at Meurthe et Mosell Department of Lorraine France - 1 Sep 1852. Death place was French Village, St.Clair Illinois.] who married Louis Barcum in Island Grove Jasper , Illinois. [Barcom also has a french version of the name found in Canada.]

More Genealogy tidbits to come.
1871 - 1918

During this period, most of Moselle belonged to the German Empire. The Birth-Marriage-Death records were first written in French and eventually in German. They can be found in the Town Halls and also in the "Archives Départementales de la Moselle" at Saint Julien lès Metz.

In the early days of the country side before the revolution there are good research on the people in the location. It's found in a few books. Because there were many Jews in this area there is a good accounting of them and habitants. They had to pay Barncas tax, a safety taxes and that helps account. It's amazing to read that they were not allowed to live in some towns like Nancy. More on all that another time.

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