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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ventschau - Genealogy -Schenk, Rieckens, Bergman

Did you see Maria Elisabeth Bergmann born 28.Dec.1795?.
She ties to Schoop, Schroeder, Rickens, Schenk, Michels, Meyer, Indirectly to Luhmann from Meyer and on and on in the Wendland area and usa. probably in a circle when all is said and done!

I did have a BERGMAN mentioned in one of my church records in regards to my Schultz Meyer family at Neetzendorf. I do so wish I knew more about that family..

Wow. Huh? I can't count all the times I see the villages Boitze, Ahndorf or Fladen, all areas of Dahlenburg mentioned. Did she mention Neetzendorf the home of our Schultze and Meyer. Some people were employed in Boitze, and others lived there, etc. There has to be connections to Nahrendorf, Nüdlitz, Oldendorf, Ahndorf, Buendorf, Boitze und Barscamp, Other villages of Tosterglope. Some areas of Bleckede going to Neetze and up into the Luneburg church district.

In fact to stretch the wow factor, I know our area extends to Mecklenburg,down and over to [alt] Garge, Schutschur, Neuhaus, and further to Hitzacker area, and Danneberg.

I am so glad I have dealt with colonists rather than just one or two families and their branches. I would never have known the extent of the blood lines. And much more to know. How amazing life is!

Note of Sources:
The tree attachment is from Gloria Hoerschelmann/Petesch at She works on her genealogy mostly during the summer. The leaves began turning as I started to examine Ahrens and my Michels. Michaels. - aka Millman. You can contact her at ancestry or give me a comment and I will get to her.

As they say, you only have to begin.


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