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Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Meyer family Descendants - Genealogy Family History

Welcome to New Year 2011 blogging about the Meyer family. I have mentioned Fred and William to you many times along with other well known ancestors. It's a new year and it's time to let the children descendants and their families history be known.Some of the children have been introduced to you already.

I should start with the oldest son. Juegen Hch. Wilhelm Meyer [born 1843] is no stranger to you. He may be known to you as Grandpa Willy married to Grandma Mary.I think too he was thought of as Henry.    Are you acquainted with his Daughter Minnie? You may have heard her referred to as Minnie [Wilhelmina Anna] STOLLEY. I've listed the children to make it easier for you. The [G] stands for born in Germany. The others America.

Juergen Heinrich William and Mary Meyer Children
 1.   Johan Heinrich Wilhelm- Oldendorf [G] 1873 – 1952
 2.     Anna Meyer [Bennett] [ G]1875 – 1969
 3.     Otto Albert Meyer [G] 1877 – 1877
4.      Mary Wilhelmina Bertha Meyer [Nahnsen][ G] 1880 – 1 962
5.      Herman Henry Meyer [G] 1881 – 1967 1873 – 1952\
6.      Henry William Meyer [G] 1883 – 1884 died in America after arrival.
7.      Frieda Meyer 1885 – 1979
8.      Emma Mary Elizabeth Meyer [Cain] 1886 – 1981
9.      Wilhelmina Anna Mary Meyer [ Stolley] 1888 – 1976
10.    Frederick Henry August Meyer 1890 – 1914
11.    Louise Ella Alvina Meyer 1891 – 190 
12.    Infant son Meyer 1893 – 1893
13.    Lilly Emma Louise 

Note: The name Wilhelmina name occurs several times in the family naming. Child # four has it as well. I think there is a good reason for it.
Meyer and other surnames Descendants at a reunion.
I believe all of Wilhelm's children were named for family members of the past, even though they were baptised in Calhoun county with other people as god parents.

Minnie, child number nine on 8.jan.1908 married the Rudolph August Stolley that you see in my last post. - [Just click Older if it is not below this post.] The family history on that post revolves to the Anthony Lewis Martin family via the Descendants of the Laura Dorothea Stolley family. The tree can be viewed at There will be more to come on each Meyer child.


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