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Friday, January 14, 2011

Following Family History and Genealogy Bloggers Friday

This my First attempt to follow on Friday.
Many moons ago, I figured out how to find other bloggers with common interests. I am sure the rest of you know the secret, so I won't bore you with the details. I was following those of
genealogy last night, and this morning I tried family history. I used to bookmark some sites I liked now and I follow them, and sometimes add them to the blog roll if they have features which will not allow me to bookmark. Or sometimes it's just difficult to find them, because they don't leave a very good trail of bread crumbs, so I can visit them again.
I observed while cruising, that a great deal of family history bloggers were from England, Australia or New Zealand. And western states, and eastern states Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Not all that much from the mid west, and that's probably due to the fact they're busy shoveling snow or sitting in the basement, because of tornadoes. Most of the lady bloggers had an interest as well with crafts and decorating. Just as my find for Friday does.

My find to share today is
from this blog address--
I know most bloggers of genealogy detest people taking content from their pages, even if you have followed them on Friday, whereas it once was more acceptable for decor bloggers. I believe I am the cut and paste queen, but not so obviously today. So I will try and tell you in my own words and with links what you will find there.
First of all Caroline Gurney from Caro's Family Chronicles belongs to Society of Genealogists that puts out a book with a darling picture of a child on it's cover, called "My Ancestor Was A Bastard." I intend to look and find out what the story is on that one. There are many more delightful books at that link. [ Hopefully one on the Red Cross worker..]

Maybe your like me and you gravitate towards those people with humor, so I thought you might enjoy her first post on the page. " 10 things my ancestors did to annoy me". Some of us have some annoying ancestors. Her first onehit me as similar to my situation. They settled where three counties meet. My Webster, Calhoun and Greene counties of Iowa meet near Farnhamville. So I get it.[ Though maybe mine has a little more distance between them than hers.] Some day I'll have to see if she mentions any surgeon Gurney in California. husband of my[Lois] Carter descendant.

She has been busy restoring a 300 year old house and blogging about that as well as her other blogs - This old house; The Sodbury Blog; Caro's Place; and She is from Chipping Sodbury in South Gloucestershire. Caroline is a history graduate from Bristol University and a former diplomat and civil servant, involved in teaching computing and family history with hobbies of family history, computers, blogging since may 2007 and sudoku. Besides being married with two grown-up children. Like many of us she has a personal site, "devoted to all the things that make life good" that we need to just express ourselves.

She follows Genea Bloggers, Dr Bill, blog, Ancestry Insider among others.
Her posts are informative, has tips for research, at times amusing, so I would say your time is well spent Following the blog with Caroline at

Caro's Family Chronicles

Note: There was no feed for Follow. But you can bookmark the site.


  1. Thanks so much for this Follow Friday, rootdigger. I am really glad that you enjoyed my blog. I'm afraid I don't have any Californian Gurneys in my tree, although I do have quite a few family branches in the United States.

  2. Thanks Caroline for getting back to me so fast.

    J bird, you have so many beautyful photos. I always wanted to go there. It won't happen, but I can enjoy your pictures.
    I have found a good many german students online with blogs taking a trip there. They must take part in an intership program just as students at the university do for teaching here.
    Come again.



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