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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Have You entered the sweepstakes? - The Ultimate Family History Journey Sweepstakes sponsered by "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Can you imagine me or you winning the The Ultimate Family History Journey Sweepstakes in conjunction with its sponsership of " Who Do You Think You Are" Sweepstakes? " It's hosted by [I should read more of the fine print and details.]

Can you imagine going to your Ancestors Homeland which in my case is Germany? More information to be gained and a chance to see the homeland for yourself. Imagine seeing the Dahlenburg - Oldendorf - Goehrde battle ground and the Royal game reserve at Roethen where grandpa Willy Meyer, Wilhelm Saucke, and the Schroeders worked. And the land they actually owned after working for others for so many years.
Sweepstakes winner gets-

Along with 20,00- dollars of travel expenses you get eight hours of consutlation time with an expert Genealogist and help from up to 5 experts in fields relevant to your fields of family history. World Deluxe memberships.

And we can enter twice a day.

It has me thinking, speculating with questions.
1. A question to fellow genealogists and bloggers. What path would you follow, if you won, where would you hope to go? Which family line would you choose and why?

11. A question to all family and readers, which do you think we need or want to know more about? Where would you like to see me go and find family. Surnames? Who? What homeland should we see? Radenbeck - Thomasburg, Neetzendorf, Eichdorf, Dahlenburg, Nahrendorf, and Oldendorf, Rothen, Dannenberg. Or home of the Heins at Bergen Celle? Or to France for Royers background?
Your imput is welcome.

This little dream of winning has me thinking, speculating with other questions, which I'll save for a next time.

jo arootdigger 


  1. Scotland on both sides of my family; a Stewart/Sutherland line which is my most stubborn brick wall and a Burnett line which also originates there would make bonnie Scotland my destination.

    What a dream come true! Good luck in the sweepstakes!

  2. thanks for the sweepstakes info...



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