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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Books and Amazon advertisement // Post has been hijacked to Comfortable Couch Price

It's no secret that I am a book lover. I have been contemplating placing something about Genealogy and family history, research books on one of my web pages. I especially have been thinking of adding some ads from Amazon. And maybe a book list on subjects I am interested in. Which is vast. I just have been a

little shy about it. Burying my head, you might say.

I don't feel I should do it on arootdigger.blogspot, because it's overloaded as it is.
I was wondering if any of my fellow bloggers have any advice for me. Any comments on the subject of placing the Amazon ads. I realize many genealogy bloggers do not even attempt any ads at all. Not that I have studied those with three columns throughly. It's highly possible they have ads or links to something that does.

Anything I gain or make goes back into my great love of the Genealogy hobby. As I have mentioned, my AdSense is not hooked up completely yet for my rewards to roll in. [ smile].

In any case family and friends please do not click the ads. If you know me, do not click any ads. You would not be helping me in anyway. You could do us harm.

If I were to roll in a income of anything over a hundred dollars :
1. I have two favorite church archives which would benefit. Dahlenburg and Nahrendorf.
2. I have other churches, such as Soltau district and Thomasburg church, which would benefit from the donation.
3. I have a person who could round up some More Meyer and Seil information in two or three days from the Hannover archives. I would pay all fees and travel time. It's a deal I have had to pass up. After all I managed to hire Friedrich Burmester of Bleckede a few years back with great results. He must be nearly ninety years old by now. I am not sure how active at it he is these days.
4. Several keepers of the regional books would profit. Such as Greene county, Iowa, I hear they have a new book coming out.
5. If only I could use it to travel to Illinois, Iowa or Minnesota for information, more often.
- Naturally I would share all information gleamed for the next five years to come.

The draw back is that maybe it would increase my Book want list.
Oh how I wish I could do all the stuff I dream about here. The oncoming years close to retirement has put a little fear in me, enough so I have been very cautious about spending.

In the words of my relative, a blog has to be more than a report of my dreams and wishes. If your looking for more than what you find here, by all means please check my blog lists to the right. There are tons of blogs with information and. entertainment of all kinds that can satisfy any genealogy family history research sweet tooth.

Gosh, I love sharing the information I find here at arootdigger and at my Oldendorf, Nahrendorf blog. Thanks for the opportunity, and coming here to read now and then. Stay around now and then to see what new posting I am making.

He copyrighted this post and I think he should share half his profit, don't you. ?

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