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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Women as Mothers for Mothers day.

Meyer; Seil; Korn; Jaeschke family history photos
Elisabeth Seil- Copyrighted photo
Above. Elisabeth Seil Jaeschke born 1873 and Annie Seil Born1893

Meyer child - Copyright picture

Annie W. Seil Meyer
Left -Jo Meyer granddaughter of Annie and her daughter Sharon -Sharon about 1981
Right - Annie Seil Meyer, shown here as a mother watching
her son either Lyle or Dwight. Estm. time of 1913- 1919

Lizzie Seil Jaeschke

All material copyright bound.
Elisabeth or Lizzie Seil had a baby nearly every year after
she married Gustav Jaeschke. In this picture she already has had six children.
This is the same woman [now married to Gustav Jaechke] holding Annie in top photo. And Annie Seil is now the girl in the back row by her self, about sixteen or seventeen years old.


  1. I love exploring my genealogy, I have so much Irish, Norwegian and German backgrounds, but can't find too much....Thanks for stopping by! Xoxoxo

  2. I started digging into my family history when my mom died, and now wish I had started before she passed, she was the one that remember everything!
    Isn't that always the way, I'll have to say, I never really understood the draw of it. Until I started, and then I did! LOL



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