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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogger Help - Wrong Material lead-

Okay, I have to post this post aimed for the attention of other Bloggers. I could use a little help or a path or direction on solving a posting to facebook issue. It seems that the days I do Post some of my blog posts to make a point more than once on facebook, a comment will appear as part of the blog material, rather than maybe a beginning part of the blog I want to appear instead.

What Setting could be causing this.
What setting do I need to change or bring into my blog.
Often times too, maybe if there is no comment, I post a lead to my blog and it picks up pictures from the sides rather than the picture on the original post where I wish to call attention.

I never noticed it in the beginning, but maybe I didn't put that many on facebook before.
The post---
wow, one of most tiniest posts about nothing, had about seven links -???
I often have quirky issues with spacing, photo placement, or any of a myriad of word processing problems with my blog. Things disappear, refuse to be moved up or down, or occasionally have a different look from the preview mode. I get frustrated, but have learned to try and correct it several time...

I may have to google for help, but I am in hopes you fellow bloggers know the answer.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I have been having computer problems. Some foggy weather too.

Hi there,

My computer suffered a little damage and like most laptops of mine the abuse always seem to lie around the cord plug in location. This time
my son thinks it has affected the Band????

I was able to find a refurbished computer to replace this one, before it fails, and I have saved some files. I still have many more to save to an external file keeper. Whichmeans files will probably be moved into a mass of unorganized choas. Which will make blogging a longer process to access pictures and documents, when I post, an inconvenience, but I will worry less, and at least it's saved.

There are some differences between the older one and the newer puter.

One- The operating system is different. Before I ran only on firefox and xp. seven.
Now I am on explorer and a xp.
Two- I had all kinds of programs downloaded for my day to day use. Media means, igoogle and other programs that tripped my fancy.
Three- I had a different kind of virus detection program. The difference makes me a bit uneasy about downloading what I'll need to proceed.
Four- Somehow I can't seem to access my Blogger dashboard to make a post. The first week I had it, I was able to do so, but now I can't. It will be necessary to spend more time on this problem, which is vital before this old puter dies.

I just will have to see what the problem is about the google blog program that I seem to be missing. I have been able to maintain blogger before on
the Earl's computer as well as the local libraries set up. So what is missing? Or what am I missing. More than likely it's just late middle age fog clouding and needs the time to clear.

So Blog posts are done now still on the old puter, where I easily access my documents and pics saved.
I pray and hold my breath each time, as I watch my puter struggle to stay with me, she seems so weak, and I thank the master, when I finish the post in time before she clunks out into darkness.

So just in case your wondering, it is one reason I am so slow in my posting.

See you later.


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