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Friday, March 15, 2013

U.S. Cities Directories at; Margarethea Meyer Stile

map of  burned Chicago, Illinois;   Fire 1871 - This image  is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.

 For my post today keep in mind that there is One thing that  hinders our research is the lack of census for our ancestral Illinois inhabitants.

Upon learning that many valuable documents were lost in the Great Chicago fire, I have had to appreciate what is out there for use to fill in the gaps and I think these directories help do that  along with the vitals of Birth, Death, Marriages and  followups checking census on their moves to other regions. Such as census of Reading Iowa to register the time of move and birth  and marriages of  their children.

I wanted to post today to share my great find. Actually a double find which is  an aide for the other in my research .
First find-
Yes it's a wonderful colorized map of the region of Illinois  that burned  Oct.,10,1871. It concerns me because I still search for a Margret Stiles or Stille,  [Geb.  February 02, 1842.];  whom maybe perished during the fire.

Second main find delux  carries some U.SA. city  directories.. My interest  of course for Stile  lies in Chicago in the map area.  It was Not  the only place I happened to discover it, I saw it  while looking into the Heinrich Dohrman tree who lived in Will county, Illinois about 1870. Directories listed a few years for maybe  him all the way to 1885 or 6. The thing is even though I was researching for Joliet, Will county Illinois, it was showing content for Chicago for others on the page. So why Not swing that way. [My Adhd is no problem for me!!]

 It wasn't long before I was using the directories  for more  unsolved people from my Meyer family tree book inserts .As I said,  I left the tree family history research of  Dohrmann, with the  Frotscher, Vogel, Seil  who were suppose to live near by and  I moved on to Stille.

I copied  down a few names for Stiehl, Stile, Stiles, and Stille. And checking 1870 census closely. Double checking who was missing the following years of the male Stiles. All different locations. In a fragment of a memory of something ol' M&M said once, the location Des Plaines, Illinois  jumped out at me.
And remembering this might give a hint that our Margret Meyer Stiles died :

Always Helpful Ancestry link says "Generally a city directory will contain an alphabetical list of citizens, listing the names of the heads of households, their addresses, and occupational information. Sometimes a wife's name will be listed in parentheses or italics following the husband's. Other helpful information might include death dates for individuals who had been listed in the previous year's directory, names of partners in firms, and forwarding addresses or post offices for people who had moved to another town"

There was one Elizabeth who probably came from Hesse Cassel and maybe born 1823. Not mine. Need to check this Elizabeth Stiles  in detail further.

Search > Schools, Directories & Church Histories > City & Area Directories > U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989 (Beta)

 More time is needed to return to this with  Katharina Margarethe Elisabeth, Geb.  February 02, 1842.  birth in mind. She's the only Margarete  that is mentioned as a child  of  Juergen Friedrich Meyer family History. 
Remember the Meyer book rarely mentioned the children of his second marriage, only that I know of in His sons obituary. There was a list of  sister siblings of Fred and William Meyer, but no exact information other than Margarete marrying  a Stiles or Stille.Stille  who could in fact be from Norway or Sweden. Who knows?.

There is always new information being introduced at More and more work is done with Graves stones such as Find a Grave and Rabbit- Grave resources. I must definitely pursue cemeteries again.

Original Domain  Of map has expired.- This image is a derivative work of the following images:
File:1869_chicago.jpg licensed with PD-old 2005-08-12T08:01:34Z SPUI 4902x6376 (9280310 Bytes) {{PD}} 1869 map of Chicago from []. [[Category:Maps of Chicago]]  Uploaded atWiki link with derivativeFX Source Information: U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989 (Beta) [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.
Original data: Original sources vary according to directory. The title of the specific directory being viewed is listed at the top of the image viewer page. Check the directory title page image for full title and publication information.
About U.S. City Directories, 1821-1989 (Beta):
This database is a collection of directories for U.S. cities and counties in various years. The database currently contains directories for all states except Alaska.

Notes about my research with the directories and family names: 
- I  also pursued and copied down potential names of  Seil's witnesses for his naturalization.- Meissenger, and Shaw hoping to see Seil mention the same year. More time needed about 1879 and 1880.
- Later on , I might even check the fire  that roared in Pestigo, Wisconsin at the same 1871 for any Stille or Meyer info.

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