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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Luck of the Draw Story of Luck of a STILLE Find Victory

I had the good luck to find my 
Katharina Margarethe Elisabeth Meyer -- Stille.

That's right. I said I found her in living in Germany 1919 after all that searching in Illinois yesterday.

Go ahead and give me praise it will  feel good.!

Sometimes winning is bittersweet. Don't you agree.
Sometimes it's a victory you didn't  really  earn by hard labor at the moment it happens. Actually I have put time into my search.On and off searches for her with very little to go on.

To make a long story short all I needed was very little information after all. Just her new surname and her birth date. supplied the rest.
yup. I can say that it was that easy that day after finishing my  post yesterday.

The birth date was fresh in mind not confused by any other's date. I clicked my searching process and was about to click on family tree once I had advanced to that stage and there it was the entry of her name and birth date at census of  Mecklenburg  Ludwigslust- born or in that case Geb.-  2.2.1842 at Eichdorf. which I figured was mine at Lueneburg stadt in Niedersachen.  What luck right. Must be that early st Paddies day coming my way. Normally I would pass over as I cuss the census of Mecklenburg cause it's usually not for me and the first thing I have to get through in order to get to the rest. also most often I find it as error on others pages cause when you enter in Bleckede, it gives you Bleckede Ludwigslust. People who don't know any better select it.

She was Living 1919 at Dömitz Doemitz, Mecklenburg with husband Henry or Heinrich STILLE. Census taken just after W.W.1.  He was born 12 Okt.1839 in Dömitz, Ludwigslust.
Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany 1919 census.
Follow up census is 1900,1890, and  1867. I saw they had  one child Wilhelmeine age o. They  were suppose to have been married around 1867. It may take me awhile to get used to viewing two forms for one year. On another one there  was   a Heinrich STILLE head of household for Domitz,  stadt Domitz too, with three children without birth dates. Minna, a Marie and one other girl [Margarete I think].. But can't call it yet.  Nothing in Family Trees category so far.

The Moral of my story. Don't wish away something you might cuss at the moment cause it just might be really good for you after all. [That is the conflict of my story- Because I must have overlooked and ignored it without knowing I had]  [IF IT HADN'T SAID  GEB. EICHDORF i WOULD HAVE OVERLOOKED IT AGAIN!.]
When I know I am going to be really busy with housework or some big project in the next oncoming weeks that is when the luck of the draw falls my way.
I  do have good luck.
My happy ending to my story

I also searched   and saw surnames at that region - Mosel and Drinkhahn because Boizenburg was also given as city once so I ran it through. I am going to browse here  for my Meyer and the Dor Meyer Koenig here too.

1 comment:

  1. Marti -TNFY at the NextFiftyYearsblogspot commented to me-
    ..........This was on your post about finding Katharina Meyer-Stille.
    Does it feel like you found the pot o' gold? I'm cheering for you over here. I have never searched outside the U.S. I guess one of these days I need to fork over the big bucks to get the international subscription.

    Arootdigger replys now--
    And I would be glad to help you find something just let me know what it is. I have tor keep the subscription going and I might drop it down to ordinary for a year.Just not sure.



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