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Monday, February 15, 2010

Ohh my gossh .... I have Followers.

I see you Followers!

Welcome !

I want to get to know what's behind those faces!.

I wonder if I can begin to explain, the feelings and thoughts that I got, when it came the time to find that I have acquired fifteen followers almost over night. Like you might say, they all came out of the woodwork.

I was working on a research blog while working off my wallowing in self pity I had indulged in previously about my " real work status" prior to noticing it. So the finding of it was a Joyful up liftment. Also, I was at the time working on a project, which I had confined to my Oldendorf/ Nahrendorf blog. You could say that is a major reason I missed seeing it develop.

Now my adhd is kicking in, so instead of finishing all of the projects right away, I think I will spend a great deal of time exploring your blogs behind the faces - there to the left of my page. I can hardly wait to see your work. And I hope I can bum off ideas [ wink] No not steal! I'll be welcoming any suggestions, ideas and comments you care to throw my way.

So welcome followers. With a little time, I will get to your blogs. Wow, fifteen is a lot of Heavenly genealogical browsing. Even if your not all in the genealogy field, I will enjoy the process all the same.

And well now, I shall have a better reason to be blogging, responsibility. My reason otherwise, has been because I like to and I wanna! I hope to provide worthy reading material of fifteen followers!

Don't mind me as I act a little gooky.

Okay, I still have to get more Valentines in my gift box at facebook some time today too, cause I covet that Eiffel tower, but I will get to you as soon as I can over the days to come.
Belated Valentines greetings to you all.

just me jo


  1. Welcome to the Genealogy Blogging fold! We actually "called you out" on Saturday at our site - and were happy to do so since you have a great blog! See

  2. Fun, isn't it? And this article showed up in my Blogger reading list (due to the Follow function), so here I am, reading your post! Welcome to the GeneaBlogging community; I think you'll really enjoy being a GeneaBlogger. If and when you get to my blog, I'd suggest looking at some earlier postings (you can use the Blog Archive at the left) - a lot of posts have to do with events for the GeneaBloggers' games right now, and some of them are a bit dry (we are trying to improve our research skills through participation in the Games).

  3. I think you're doing a great job and I'm right there with you - I only have 12 followers, one being my husband Mike and I think WOW how did this happen? It's exciting and you are able to have a lot more fancy stuff in your blog then me. ..... must pay attention to the post stuff next time I make one! LOL - and my hubby calls me his little add girl! I have a hard time paying attention to anything! LOL!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by The Ties That Bind! Enjoyed reading your blog - and I also checked out your Oldendorf blog. Just to let you know I have OSB books for Aurich-Oldendorf and would be happy to look for any family members for you that were in that area. I'd love it if you would put a link on this site to your other blogs to make them easy to get to. Welcome to the world of Geneabloggers!

  5. Happy Blogging and belated Happy Valentine's Day to you too. You've done well.

  6. I think I am going to have to research " calling out" and the many things about geneabloggers.
    I was clicking around someones site to learn more about the geneabloggers group. I thought it was a fascinating idea to have a group which followed both interests.

    And boy, do I ever need to learn more 'stuff'.

    So I hope someone can point me in the right direction so I can learn what I need to learn about your group. I suppose being a follower will give me small doses of what your group stands for.

  7. Welcome! Don't be afraid to ask questions. There's always someone who knows the answer. ---Amy (follower #10)

  8. Good idea, I see it is missing, Terri. At one time a couple of them were not in view to public, but I changed that awhile back. I was surprised to see that it wasn't in the list. My 'Genalogy of arootdigger'[Heins family] one is and my arootdiggerssunnyside is as well therootofitall.

    [I really need to categorize them better.] Just as I was putting in your many geneabloggers, I started a new one, so I need to add the others so it is altogether.

    Tee hee, I have a few more blogs on another email association. Now and then in an article, if need be, I link to them. My links here have been for my convience to hop back and forth. The Heins association is linked to the arootdigger2. As well as Lifeatsunnyslopefarm. Which does not compare at all to all the great stories I read at geneabloggers sites. My photo identification one is not their either.

    Guess, I should work on this Organization / clean up. And maybe some clear titles.
    thanks, you guys.

  9. You're doing well! I'm new to blogging, and am learning a lot from reading everyone else's, including yours. Well done :-) Jo



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