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Friday, June 4, 2010

More on Parr family of Shropshire

The Morris Clan website contains much about the Parrs.

Here you see he brings in a bit on Old Thomas Parr, I am not sure if he claims any relationship. Healso mentions the Sir Thomas Parr family which sports the name Maud Green. [The name Green has me captured, especially if any descendants went to Iowa.]

F134. Thomas PARR. (Old Parr). Called the most famous of Britain's old men. Born in February or March 1483 in Glyn by Winnington, Shropshire, England; son of John PARR [F135]. Winningon is a small hamlet in the parish of Alberbury, thirteen miles west of Shrewsbury. He went into the service at age 17. His father died in 1518. He then took over the family land. He married for the first time at age 80, to Jane TAYLOR. He bore a child (a boy) of Katharine MILTON in 1588 at age 105, for which he was placed in the stocks. His wife Jane Taylor died in 1595.In 1605, at age 122, he married Jane Floyd, or Flood, widow of Anthony ADDA. In 1635 the Earl of Arundel took him to London. He died at the age of 152 on 14 November 1635 in London, England. He was buried in Westminster Abby. CHILDREN: (son) PARR, died within 10 weeks; Jane PARR, lived only 3 weeks.
F135. John PARR. A Yeoman farmer of Glyn by Winnington, Shropshire, England. He died in 1518. CHILDREN: Thomas PARR [F134].

I am sure his information is exact. I saw this genealogist at the family tree maker message board as well.


  1. I thought this was so very interesting. Poor Old Parr, you would have thought they would have cheered him fathering a child at the age of 105 instead of putting him in the stocks!!

    He must have seen a lot of changes in his 152 years!!

    Great story, thanks for sharing it.

    Kind regards,
    Christine (rootsresearcher)

  2. Thanks Christine. I hope you read the older post after this one. I am sure they should count even his illegitimate child a descendant! If it were true. History has him down with all his old age never being a father. However someone has gone through the story and found so much error in it? but it makes a good story too.
    I hope to find the one about an old man who lived a long life who was a soldier three fourths of his life and was captured by the pirates.

    Interesting too was not said by me is that all the animals of the kingdom have a certain life span, only man does not manage to fulfill those years you would think we could.



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