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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Genea blogger Ancestor Approval Award

The Genea Blogger Ancestor Approved Award is being Retired at my blog. She will hang at the side. It has reached so many deserving bloggers, and I know it has missed quite a few because of a matter of timing. But for many said reasons at other times, I just am going to put the little lady to the side and leave her there.

In the future I am sure there will probably be so many other great awards that go out to those deserving bloggers that I am missing and wanted to honor this time.

It's a tricky thing these awards. I know I actually gave some that were not acknowledged maybe due to lost messages, being ignored, or what ever. I don't wish to offend anyone by dropping this now or by bringing the little lady out again. But I think in my case, it is time she takes a rest.

Sure I thought of the acquired, required that accompanies the award of ten more surprising , humbling things, probably mentioned ten times as it is on the blog or will be now in the future. But that is minor.

Instead, after a little thought, I have
decided to let my recognition of deserving bloggers show through Follow Friday. If they are already on the Follow Friday list, I will recognize them in my own way. I am going to do it in the accepted correct way of course. I originally thought it meant it was our for reading our blogs that we follow. I had reluctantly not wanted to do the follow Friday, at first from my own ignorance as to what it was and how it was done. I later read what it really was and then out of fear of offending anyone, I decided not to. I am confident now though, it will be okay.

I 've noticed that other bloggers
have added the names of their presenters next to their Ancestor Award picture, which I am going to do soon as well. If I forget to add yours, or if I am too slow in getting it there, can you remind me you gave me one please.
[ I feel so terribly unorganized this summer with all the shifting, and less attention I paid to blogging this summer] [ I have much to do in that line of duty to my house, still.]

I can't promise faithful posting every
Friday, but occasional Fridays should be fine. And bear with me please as I get the hang of it.
Thanks for understanding.
just me jo


  1. Good job! The 'Award' needs a rest...she's been around the block a few time.

  2. What I do with these awards after a while is to retire them to my "Woo-Hoo Wall" page on the blog. I'm still proud of them, but it keeps the main page from getting too cluttered over time.

  3. Greta Is that like a button that takes one to the woo hoo pages? I would love to know how to do buttons, or where to send something that can't be accessed normally page to page.
    I should read some 'how to's' and experiment on my experimental blog,I think. I have admired other bloggers pages and "think someday"
    I'll leave the comment here in case you come back and make it over to your blog.
    Thanks Greta.
    Thanks Mary



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