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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I was Presented with "One Lovely Blog Award"

I have received the "One Lovely blog Award" from Liz at My Tapley Tree and it's Branches.
It's a first for me. I had not thought of my blog as lovely, especially compared to so many other blogs. We have to keep in mind that the award also goes to someone who puts lots of love or hard work into their blog.
For the Blog award of the "One Lovely Blog Award." Thank you, Liz, I really appreciate that someone is reading and noticing that I love sharing my family history, my family, ideas, and my research on my blog 'arootdigger'.

There are three simple rules for accepting this award:
  1. Acknowledge the award by posting on your blog.
  2. Nominate 15 other blogs that you think are lovely.
  3. Contact each person to let them know that they have received the award.
Okay to follow the rules. I will try to find someone who has not already shown their award, I hope a double presentation does not happen as I take the time to follow with the fifteen names. I have tons of favorite blogs, not all in the genealogy field. But I will try to stick to the Genealogy Blogger or Genie, Genea Bloggers.

I really stink at this kind of thing. I always mess it up. I am afraid I did so again.
I took a little time to do some browsing, which I did enjoy and found many wonderful blogs. [ I plan on returning to them for further reading. ] I decided in mid stream that the award looks a little famine and just maybe the guys would not want to sport such an award, so I began to pass them by. I marked the possibilities with an x in a note book and a star on my notes. sometimes I was ready to approach a blogger and then I noticed no posts in 2011 and so I didn't bring up anything with theirs. That is a shame really. Sometimes I noticed others had an award already much further back in time. Also, I suspect many I asked had already been asked.

I did ask a few and tried to make note of it by a handmade star in my note book. But I also did this to those I wanted to ask.................

Well I created a bit of a problem with the star system. An old age moment, Or just a lack of sleep, I guess. Or I returned the next day to continue my work and started staring those, who I had asked. Now tonight, I am not sure who was asked previously. Who I started to ask and changed my mind midstream noticing my qualifying characteristics mentioned above.

So to make the long story medium short. I will say my list may miss a few peopleof whom I asked. I could go through many to see if my comment is there, but if it wasn't published, then well, I still wouldn't know.
The last thing I want to do is hurt someones feelings. I really want the people I asked to have the award and the link here at my blog. I added two extra for the just in case. Please leave a comment here and I will fix it promptly.
If I didn't ask you and I said I did, for some other senior moment, please let me know.

Ohh my gosh, I sure make things harder than they have to be, don't I? Let's just get her done. Sorry everyone.

The One Lovely Blog Award list. [With no favoritism to the order]
1- *
Delia's Genealogy Blog

Claudias Genealogy Blog

3- *
Lucies Legacy

4- *
Yvonne at Swedish Thoughts

Margel at 2338 Washington Blvd

A Family's Story Horse Thieves And All

A Light That Shines Again

Tracy at A multitude of -sens

Angela at Adventures in Genealogy Education

10- *
Sonja at Tree Climbing With Grandma Sonja

Barbara at View From The Bluffs

Robin at Where I Come From

Voices past and Present

Jane at Video Biography Central

Gen story gal at Sharing Their Stories

16-* [Doesn't give results so click on name]

Jennifer's Genealogy Blog
[Link changed and should work.]

18- *
.About Unknown

Again I apologize for messing this up. .
Enjoy, The picture is really lovely.
Now, your blog page will look even lovelier.

Some of those extra possibilities

so that's where I get it from
Abt Unk
Adventures in the Family tree
Ancestor Search blog
Who Will Tell Their Story?
genblog [also]
Jen or Gen.
*Jennifers genealogy blog
A Linquist's Guide to Genealogy

Sandusky History.blogspot

Source of Award:


  1. Thank you for recognizing me! I have some of the same problems with this as you did. :)

    Amanda at ABT UNK

  2. Thanks for the award! I really appreciate it!

  3. thank you so much for the award....I actually got two on the same day and was as confused as you sounded...but I really appreciate you recognizing me....

    Cheryl Lundy Stuart

  4. Thanks so much for reading and honoring my lesser known blog A light that shines again. Keep up the good work on your Deutsch genealogy, Rootdigger!

    Smallest Leaf



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