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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Top 50 Genealogie Seites for Germany in 2009

I found most of the top USA forty and fifty genealogy web sites very familiar for year 2010 that a good many of you wrote about earlier this year, and I suppose you did too. It was nice to see fellow bloggers take the honor.
In fact I had to google to see who was in the year 2009. I would like to have spent more time reading so many of them, but I am hoping I can later.

A few days ago looking for something else, I stumpled upon the top 50 Genealogy Sites 2009 of Germany. I thought you might want to take a look.
I am not sure ho
w much will stay translated. You can click the third listing at the left if you lose your place. You can always submit it into google and then click translate if you want. Or enter the address into your favorite translator.

One thing in particular that piqued my interest was the use of the word 'Rambow' I saw on another one I had been looking into. If I find that one again, I want to spend a little time on it. I thought I saw a good deal of English being used. There is a very known Genea Blogger, a genealogist who made the list, Timo Kracke with his [ It helps to keep the same picture on facebook as a Genea - Blogger; which contributed to my recognition of him immediately .]

Also, a few years back I met someone who used the name Grohn, and I saw that surname in a website, also. The places of origination for some of the individuals were not that far from places I would look into for information. I find Boehm of Silesia. And the region Silesia seems to be of interest, maybe to look into another day in the future.

Even though my main interest is Niedersachen, and I saw so few from my area below Hamburg, I found it fun to look anyway. I suppose I will google for 2010 one of these days too.

As they said
The questions: "Where I come from?", "Who are my ancestors?" oder " Woher stammt mein Name ? " or "Where is my name ? " beschäftigen eine stetig wachsende Zahl an Familienforschern. Employ a growing number of family researchers.
And it is the same questions universally to us, no matter where we live.

I see is on the list, and think it has been top for many years. It carries some of my links I have on my blogs. Also the Greve site is not unfamiliar to me.

Enjoy, Maybe one of your surnames or someone you know will turn up.


  1. I noticed a good representation of the area of Silesia in those web sites. I have noticed that your vast family and blogs has interest in Silesia especially Eckerdorf with the surnames Jaeschke and then the Danzig area with Muhle or Mule. The more your read at those websites, the more you learn about the areas.

    Jo at Genealoy of arootdigger [Heins, Henke of Bergen Celle]

  2. I apologize for not sourcing the sponser for this top genealogy list. I believe it is done by a popular genealogy magazine.



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