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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is there Humor on a tombstone?

A few days ago I fell into reviewing some cemetery listings of rural Minnesota in the southern region.
As I was scanning a stone heading, I had to take a second look. [I made up the name to something like mine to save the real people.]

Sarah Jane [Sucker] Meyer beloved wife. year 1851- 1895
John Doe Meyer beloved Husband 1850-1900.
Now I saw the name Sucker posted further on, so I know it was not cruelty or bad humor.

Is that funny? It struck me that way on the day that I saw it. I mean is there humor in it, if it is on a head stone?. What do you think? what could have been funnier would if there had been something on the husbands tombstone. I guess it would have to be a fantastic last name or middle name, right? I am not sure what that would be.

Email me.

I read this tombstone joke, while browsing and I enjoyed it so much, I have to tell it.

A young boy was given the name Odd by his parents for some odd reason. When he was young, the other children used to tease him, because of his name. Later still, in high school and college, he was picked on, bullied, harassed because of his name. Even as an adult at work, he was still picked on for his name. So one day in his elder years, he informed his wife that he hated his name. He told her that he did not want his name on his tombstone because he hated it so much. He said he did not want to be remembered by that name. His wife had listened to him, so when it came time for his burial his loving wife did as he asked. She put only his birth date and the death date and left off his name.

It was viewed by many people visiting the cemetery. Often people who would be walking by his tombstone often stopped to look at it and make the same comment. "Isn't that odd?".

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