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Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Madness - The Never Ending Blog Post Nightmare

Have you heard of the old never ending song, the never ending story? How about never ending blog post
The thought of a never ending link is kind of funny, right? No. Not in the day light of reality.

Gosh, I just have to share this morning. I have been daydreaming of suddenly being a short post blogger. And I have been a night dreamer of the same goal. I bring my day problems into my night dreams, don't you?

Well recently, I had this dream where I went and took my long blogs and created 'read more' links. I had the main blog on with read more here. That took me to another link which said read on more here which took me to still another one . And so it went on still with about two more links. Yes, a night mare of something like an April fools prank. Maybe my dream was trying to tell me my blogs get a little long. I feel I have things to say and it has to be said, or I get no nourishment from the blogging. My dream is telling me I am working on solving my issues, but I am still lost in the fog.........

The thought of a never ending link is kind of funny, right? But in reality to the reader long and boring. It would have to be one great blog to keep me clicking. To read more click here.


  1. Funny post, but OMG, I think I did that this last week. I am a wordy wench who's learned to link ---aghhhh

  2. Ah, My missing comment. There it is.?? I did try a little. But still have to learn. I had to publish another one on top so that it didn't read with the main blog address []I am sure there are better ways. And well the whole thing keeps getting bigger and bigger at each blog I sent you too.!!!!
    but I managed it. whew. I do want to link. But not quite like that. tee hee.
    thanks for the support.

    I should have/could have saved it for april fools. I am an impatient wench. lol.



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