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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hamburg Passenger list of Heinrich Seil 22 April 1883

I was browsing other blogs and saw the Ideas/ Categories floating around for better blogging. One of them was to use different Search engines for the same item to be searched. I never made it that far to use another Search engine.

I took a little browsing cruise trip from My Heritage Genealogy blog, [listed below] and went to blog finder that he mentions in one of his posts as you scroll down. [These are supplied by each with permission for their services. Mine are not entered so therefor not shown] I think that place is my new favorite site.
I was suddenly curious if there are any German Genea bloggers. So I went international and ended here. I think that is as far as I went for the time being. I gave up the German GeneaBlogger idea. So Then I hopped up to and proceeded with Meyer. One thing led to another and I was at the Hamburg Passenger list. One name led to another and I was with the name Seil on the Hamburg Passenger lists. [Ancestry searching takes a lot of patience any way and this grouping does take a lot more. I am hate to say it, but mine ran out too quickly at five in the morning. tee hee]

Now you know on the Hamburg Passenger lists that it is the date they leave Hamburg which you hope to find. It does not give you the date of Arrival. We have to look in a different passenger list for that. Or Castle Garden is just as good. Ancestry is designed to give you a lot of leeway. Where as another searching form for Passenger lists may differ and it helps to use both. In this case arrival to New York. 7.05.1883.

It was my intention to look into Elise Seil the subject of several Blogs this last week. It was no surprise to me that it was there. and I will still study her passenger list some more at a later time. [Elise Seil - 27 Mai 1892].

The reason we make such a big deal about these passenger lists is that it hopefully offers us the location of our ancestors. If we have something to go on, it really helps to know for sure that this is the right person. Elise (Lizzie) Seil says Gross Thondorf in the German language. So I look at all of these to find the location often stated right out front. And It helps to see what their destination is. Your lucky if it is specific.

But my eye caught on a Heinrich Seil born about 1860, who traveled- 22.April.1883 on ship Rugia.

A Heinrich SEIL born about 1859 and the AHRENS along with the SCHROEDERS have also been part of many blogging conversations dealing with the huge Subject of Farnhamville colony settlers, and Oldendorf und Nahrendorf colonists. According to Richard Kanning and Robert Stein Tree those Schroeders are listed from Duebbekold. And the fact that these passengers are from Mucklingen near enough to thrill me. You can happy dance for me if you like. I'll just be happy colorfully.

So here I am now with Heinrich Seil in 1883 age 23. From Mucklingen. If you google Mucklingen
You can click this link and find it is in Nahrendorf district
as you can see here the exact loction.

View Larger Map

I suppose your wondering how many others in a group are there from Mucklingen and who is going with him. And of course you can click the above Rugia passenger list to see. But I will tell you so you don't lose your place here.

The groupings
On this ship Rugia with ca. = latin means = about birth years for the ages from Mucklingen.
Juergen Schroeder Geburt * 1849 age 34. Mucklingen ship Rugia
Maria Schroeder Geburt *1852 age 31 [Marie]
Heinrich Schroeder * 1874 age 9
Louise Schroeder * 1879 age 4 Muckl.

Annie Strauss Geburt * 1813 age 70 Muckl.
Heinr. Seil *1860 age 23
Fritz Schreoder *1836age 47 Mucklingen
Marie Schroeder * 1841 36 Mucklingen
Marie Schroeder * 1870 age 13 Jahrs. Mucklingen
Louise Schroeder * 1874 age 9 Muecklingen
Fritz Warnecke ca. *1879 age 4 Mucklingen
Wilhelm Konau ca *1859 age 24 Mucklingen.

Four more names and then.

Names with 'about' birth years for Dahlenburg passengers on Rugia
Johann Warnecke ca *1850 age 33 Dahlenburg ship rugia
Marie Warnecke ca *1853 age 30
Emmy Warnecke ca 1876 *age 7
Wilh. Warnecke ca *1881 age 2
Fransiska Hamman ca*1865 age 18 from Altona

I admit I have seen this group before and you probably have too. It is nice though to have it recorded here for review and we can see it when ever we want.

Comments: I should get the whole list recorded or saved.
That name Annie Strauss really threw me. She is probably somebodies parent. Or not.
I have an interest in the name Warnecke. I should share why another day.

Comments: There is Henry Seil of this age Of best fit in next census of 1900 and in Iowa 1885, 1895. The other Henry Seil of 1900 census are born Kentucky, New york, Louisiana, etc. Our Henry Seil who is in the Nahnsen/ Meyer tree resided at Reading Township, Calhoun county Iowa. He married Mary Ahrens from Bleckede.

Your thinking -- so what's the point, I could have found this almost as easy at
It's true, but I like how easy it is to put in the locations. I may use this German version a few times. I was surprised that it easily accepts your login in name. If your familiar with the format at ancestry, language isn't that much of a problem. I wonder if you could have two windows - one the English version and the second the German version - open at the same time?

You can see it here transcribed.


  1. This is very interesting. I always thought my ancestry was 100% New England Yankee until I recently found a Hessian soldier from the Revolutionary War in the family tree. Now I'm stumped at what to do next! I'm perusing all the blogs to see how everyone approached their German roots.

  2. I am not sure if I remember right, but I thought there was a list somewhere of Hessian soldiers. I am not sure how they would be able to make a list. I don't know a lot about Hessia and the different aspects of it. If you do use which I cannot live without go into rootsweb up at the mailing lists. My Robert Stein family came from the Orange [??] part of it. [shows how much I know] and I think he learned more by joining some of those groups. And of course you can see the general messages posted by everyone.
    With DAR, I am surprised he is not researched.

    Of course I google everything. Recently though I fell in love with Lycos. but once you get the german situation set, there are some good germany research scanners.

    I dwell on my German roots. Especially my area and the colony where they settled.
    I think if you were to blog on Hessian area, it would draw in a crowd. Because we all could use some advice and help. And well not to limit your audience like I do, you could do some others of the long family line too.

    It has made me wonder how many of the blogs I follow have mentioned german roots.

    Thanks for stopping by and getting me to think a little bit about that.

  3. Inspired by Heather and another blogger today, I was attempting to make sense of the search part of resources. Enter term standesamt in the bar. I reviewed it and came up with this:

    It translates to :
    fast & simply on-line request Register office information Which kind of documents do you need? Birth certificate authenticated copy from the birth register Death certificate Copy from the register of deaths Marriage document (Heiratsurkunde) Copy from the marriage register (family album) Documents from the ehmaligen East Prussia Address determination (residents' registration office) Register office Request simply on-line documents of register offices. Information and further references to the individual documents find you on the respective document order sides. This concerns a liable to pay the costs offer of a private offerer (payment by bank debit entry, credit card and PayPal possible). The information is at present only for German register offices possible for Switzerland and Poland, the support for Austria, is planned. The dispatch of the documents abroad is however no problem. Machining time depends very strongly on the individual regional register offices and amounts to in most cases approx. 3-4 working-days. Imprint data protection extract from the land register residents' registration office information search for persons register office sitemap register office Bremen register office Berlin register office Hamburg land register office on-line Registers of Companies Apostille on-line

    Home address:

    Starting a little more reasearch for someone who may have used this resource and I know people have, I found this hessian search site.
    So for you Heather here it is a search site.

    It explains how to use it to find churches. I think it will give addresses. So you can write instead of call, unless you have a fax machine hooked up. But If you enter Pfarramt just as it says, it does work.
    At least you can see if there is a big settle ment area of others.

    Maybe a blog a little later will work. Anyway it is not as free as I was led to believe.

  4. See feb. 26 th.2010 post about how I use the phone book directory to search for church parishes. and the general phone book online. is googled and you will get the address link.



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