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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Filling Your Mother's shoes

When I was a little girl I tried to fit into my mothers shoes.
I'd walk around the house wearing her shoes as if I were her. When I was older and my little family was going to be two plus one and then later one more. I tried at times to again to fill my Mother's shoes. I imagine I do try to fit in all the mothers shoes [roles] by the women of our family. Take a look around and see which Mother you can identify from the collected photos of  Meyer, Seil, Heins, and Peters

~~~Happy Mothers Day~~~

Top Left - Sylvia Peters, Jo with Sharon, Bottom left Lizzie Seil and  Anna Seil. Middle  Lizzie Seil Jaeschke, Anna  Seil and Dwight or Lyle Meyer. Bottom Middle - Maria Dorothea Heins Meyer. Far right bottom - Josephine Peters.

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