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Friday, January 18, 2013

Meyer/ Ahrens Taufzeugen in Nahrendorf

Were continuing on  with the Meyer,  Ahrens Family Tree  History Mini Series.- Second Marriage

Yesterday I published the post on Catharine Dorothea Ahrens the second wife with Juergen Friedrich Meyer [geb 1814] To save space and time I will say that all their births  were at Röthen and  they were all baptized at Nahrendorf.  Above is a  copy of the document of the Meyer / Ahrens  Family History tree  from the Nahrendorf church that you can actually read.  I am not sure why it was printed out so faint. So, My son came to my rescue and separated the pages into smaller parts and most of all, he  made them so we could read  them. Today I 'm just interested in the Gevattern or Taufzeugen for each child. Eventually more comments about the person will happen.

Meyer / Ahrens Children 
1.   The first child was stillborn. No name.

11.Anna Louise Auguste Meyer. The twins were  baptized the same day 18.07.1859 Nahrendorf.
--Nr. 27 und 28 sind Zwillinge.
-- Nr. 27/ 1859 Born Röthen;  baptized at Nahrendorf
Gevatern : or Taufzeugen :
1.) Charlotte Marie Louise Müller - Hauswirthstochter zu Nahrendorf.
2.) Anna Karoline Auguste GRUMMER - unverehelicht zu Roethen / then . [I thought I had read a different version of this birth record before that said the name was Grummet]

111.Louise Marie Dorothea Meyer- [Nr. 27 und 28 sind Zwillinge.]
--- Nr.28/ 1859   born Röthen = Nahrendorf~ 18.07.1859.
Taufzeugen :
1.) Ehefrau des Anbauers SCHMIDT,  Marie Elisabeth geborene WOLTER zu Oldendorf.
2.) Ehefrau des Hauslers MICHELS,  Dorothea Margaretha geborene AHRENS zu Oldendorf.  [She may be listed at the link.]

1V.Ida Marie Elise  Meyer born then  and baptized 30.11.1862 Nahrendorf church.
Taufzeugen :
1.) Ehefrau des Hauswirths SEMMEROTH, , Katherine Dorothea Elisabeth geborene WILLHUS  in Oldendorf.
2.) Ehefrau des Hauswirths Ahrens,  Marie Friederike geborene BLIESCH in Mücklingen.
3.) Ehefrau des Revierförsters Kommert, Juliane Marie  geborene WEINSCHENK in Röthen in  the Göhrde.

V.Adolph Heinrich Friedrich Meyer born  Röthen baptized Nahrendorf 10.06. 1864. 
--Nr. 25/1864.
Taufzeugen :
1.) Hauswirth Jurgen Heinrich LUEHMANN  from Eichdorf.
2.) Hauswirth Johann Friedrich AHRENS in Mücklingen.

V1.Hermann Rudolph  Friedrich  Meyer born Roethen, baptized  21.04.1867 Nahrendorf.
--Nr. 13/1867.
Taufzeugen :
1.) Hauswirthsohn Hermann Johann Heinrich AHRENS in Mücklingen / Muecklingen.
2.) Häusler Johann Heinrich Friedrich MICHELS in Oldendorf.

V11. Emilie Margaretha Dor. Meyer,  born Roethen. baptized 03.11.1868 in Nahrendorf church.
--Nr. 39/1868.
Taufzeugen :
1.) Häuslersfrau  Catharina Dorothea SCHULZ,  geborene  HAUL. [One of the twins married a Haul of Oldendorf. ]
2.) Häuslersfrau Margaretha Dorothea  MICHELS, geborene AHRENS. beide in Oldendorf.

I don't know about you, but I am tickled Pink to see more Taufzeugen or Godparent names. It will be fun to see how they all fit into the Meyer, Ahrens family history tree.

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