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Monday, January 21, 2013

Second Child of Meyer / Ahrens - Anna Louise Auguste Meyer

Anna Louise Auguste Meyer must have had a short but,  nice life.
Like my mother she was a twin that lived to adulthood without the other. This particular child lived long enough to be godmother herself and   to be a source of the  name  for  our Anna Meyer Bennett. According to the highlighted  material below Anna Louise Auguste married  Hermann Heinrich Wilhelm Haul, a schuhmacher in Oldendorf. She almost made it to 28 years  of age.  She probably had children,  and more than likely it was a double childs birth that took her life.  We should try and get those family history tree records. Maybe we can find some of the Haul family in the area.

2- Kind MEYER, Anna Louise Auguste Meyer (F)
Birth: *12.07.1859  Röthen = Nahrendorf
 ~ 18.07.1859  ~   Nahrendorf
Auszug aus dem Taufregister ev.-luth. Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf.
Nr. 27/1859 -Röthen-
MEYER, Anna Louise Auguste geb. den zwölften Juli.  Nachmittags zwie Uhr.
Eltern : Parkwärter  Jürgen Friedrich Meyer zu Röthen und dessen Ehefrau Katharine Dorothea  geborene  Ahrens.  Get. den  18. Juli. 1859.

Taufzeugen :
1. Charlotte Marie  Louise Müller.  Hauswirthstochter zu  Nahrendorf.
2. Anna  Karoline Augustc GRUMMER.  unverehelicht zu  Roethen.   NR. 27 und 28. sind Zwillinge.

Vermerk :  Getr. 4.1.1885 in Nahrendorf  { (Nr. 2/1885}  mit. HAUL, Hermann Heinrich Wilhelm  Schuhmacher in Oldendorf.

Death :  + 12.03. 1887 Oldendorf - Nahrendorf
Burial :  [] 14.3.1887 Nahrendorf.
Äuszug aus dem Beerdigungsregister  der ev.-1uth. Kirchengemeinde Nahrendorf.  Nr. 6/ 1887.
HAUL, Anna Louise Auguste. geb. Meyer. Ehefrau zu  Oldendorf. 27 jahre  8 Monathe alt. gest. am.12. März.1887 bcgr. am 14.März.1887

Note: I have had the church records to these twins before I knew they actually were our on Juergen Friedrich Meyer's family history tree  [I had my suspicions,  let me tell you.] 
Each time I get a duplicate record of family members there are usually facts that are different than the others.
 I  can live with it. But I need to point  out those  particular discrepancies as I go along.

The Discrepancies on this page.
1- I am wondering if the name Grummer is correct I am  recalling the name Grummet.
I'll get back to this. I need to locate pages etc.  later.

You all have a good day.

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